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Calendar suggestion

Bruce B

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I would second this, and I'll volunteer to maintain if none of the mods wants to.


But, maybe we can have another calendar for this. I noticed that the there is a selection in the calendar window for "default calendar", which implies that there could be more than one.


Maybe we can have a "Game Release" calendar, and another for "Online Gaming".


It appears that the default calendar can be added to by anyone. I added E-3 for May, but didn't extend the range far enough to cover 5/12. Now I can't find how to edit my entry. Any help?



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Unless I'm mistaken, we did used to have such a calendar for releases, didn't we?

We did, yes. It went unused so Joey started doing the monthly release threads for us. I'll have to look into setting up multiple calendars, but if Carlos wants to volunteer to keep the release dates up to date, I don't see any reason why we can't use the calendar for listing game releases.

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Ok, new Calendar has been added called "Game Releases". I'm going to add both Joey and Carlos to the permissions list to update this Calendar on a monthly basis. That way we get some overlap.


EDIT: Carlos has his new forum title "Calendar Administrator". You have full options to update the Calendar including posting/deleting/editing events. Joey already has these stock as an admin so. Feel free to update the new Calendar at your liesure gents.

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