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Well, this weekend I get to completely geek out. WonderCon is coming to town. A weekend of smelly comicbook & movie fans crammed into one big convention centre. Not my usual weekend entertainment of choice, however WonderCon features a bunch of cool panels & speakers from the film/comic industry - sneak peeks of the new Superman film, Brick, Wes Craven's new stuff, MI3, Silent Hill, Pixar etc, plus one of Kevin Smith's "panels". Bunch of comic book folk there too, but meh, who cares about that kiddie stuff? :)

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I only spent Saturday at the Con, couldn't be bothered going on the Sunday. The downstairs 'cattlemarket' of booths was far too busy for my liking, though it was quiet when I initially got into the Con, thanks to my Professional pass letting me skip the queue that snaked around two sides of the building ;) Lots of comic book sellers, lots of toy sellers, and lots of comic book companies. The Artist Alley was cool, lots of upcoming artists, though it was a little odd to see the Playmates & porn stars at the end of the alley, all fake & bored till someone came up who was instantly their new best friend.


Lots of costuming, lots of hot nerdy geek girls, which kinda suprised me. Lots of kids too, which was great - there were a LOT of families around.


Upstairs was the presentation rooms, four small ones, one big one. I spent most of the day in the big one. Got to see a bunch of stuff from Fox, including a panel with Wes Craven talking about the new The Hills Have Eyes, all of Nightwatch (at high speed), The Omen remake (which looks suprisingly well done), Pathfinder (which I can't remember, that's how good it was).


The Mission Impossible 3 panel was done by JJ Abrams of Lost/Alias fame, and it really came across how big a geek he was, and how awed he was by working on MI3. MI3 looked *really* good, and a big improvement over the last one. I'm looking forward to it now. Lots of talk of how Lost came about, how Alias was originally pitched as "Felicity as a spy", how Tom Cruise is a big 24 fan.


Kevin Smith's Q&A was up next (running very late). Packed hall, with the Fire Marshall preventing them from letting people in. As usual, he was very sweary, very funny, and very geeky. Lots of talk of the new film, how it came about, lots of talk of Prince, and for some reason, Degrassi Jnr High kept coming up - the very first person to ask him slammed him for "spoiling" Degrassi by his appearance. Kevin seemed genuinely suprised at this being a big point of contention. Funny stories about Mewes etc. Then we got a sneak peak of the new film... LOTS of warnings about no tapings. Then the footage rolled... And we got about five mins of text warnings about no tapings. Then one frame of footage & then /another/ warning ;) Was very funny, had to be there of course. And then we got the real scene - set in the fast food joint that the film is centered around, the scene was Randall giving shit to a fellow employee about Star Wars vs Lord of the Rings, talking about how gay the Hobbits were, followed by Randall recreating the entire trilogy. After that, we got a brief sequence outside with Jay & Silent Bob recreating a scene from Silence of the Lambs, which was a big hit. All in all, it was way better than I was afraid of.


After that, there was a Pixar panel. Unfortunately very slow & dull, and not what people were hoping for - lots of kids in the audience, but very little actual stuff shown. Got an extended trailer for Cars that really didn't wow me at all. They did show their new short that's up for an Oscar - "One Man Band" which was very funny. Very eastern European animation feel to it, which blows away the psuedo-realism of Cars for me. But that's by the by.


And after Pixar, the place got even more busy because of the upcoming Superman Returns panel... Sandwiched inbetween though was the Silent Hill showing. Packed room & it's discussed in the Silent Hill thread, so I wont' go into detail, but it f'ing rocked the room - got an amazing reaction.


After that, I went home. Too much geek testosterone for me & I couldn't be arsed with Superman Returns.

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