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Dual Core CPUs


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Our computer supplier at work recently set me up with a demo unit of one of their current Dual Core Pentium D desktop and a preproduction test machine of their soon to be released Core Duo laptops. I've been using the laptop and one of my power users has been using the desktop. I will never own a non-dual core system again. I will no longer purchase at work for anyone who does any decent amount of work a non-dual core CPU. One of the things I did when I first got them was load up Visual Studio 2005, while I surfed the net, looked at forums, watched videos, checked email, opened random apps....the system never hitched, it was smooth as can be. Try that on even a hyper threaded machine and you'll get hitches and even lock ups. We then ran a massive SQL read/write query and just went about daily work while the query ran in the background, couldn't even tell the query was running. I had to send the units back, but we got in two Pentium D based desktops today and everyone has been begging for one. I'm back to using my 2.0Ghz Pentium M based laptop and it sucks, I want my Core Duo back.


To sum it up:

Dual Core rocks and I will never own a non-Dual Core system again.

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Sounds pretty sweet-I definitely have to get work to buy me one of those. I've noticed that VS2005 slows down a lot more often than 2003 did, so a dual core might help there. Of course, that could also be that Visual Studio just needs a service pack-if I remember the first release of VS.net was pretty buggy as well.

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