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What do you plan on getting - March 06?

Dave C

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I know we typically don't start a monthly release list until the current month is over but given the number of titles being released in March, I'd like to start getting a feel for what the community is going to pick up. All too often I wait too long to preorder and end up scrambling around on release day looking for the high demand titles.


Perhaps we could merge this thread into the March release thread when Joey puts that together along with the monthly "what are you getting poll?" that we discussed doing in the "State of the Online Union" thread.


So here it goes. Just yesterday I preordered the following:


X360 - Battlefield 2 Modern Combat

X360 - Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

X360 - Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Collectors Edition

X360 - The Outfit (may cancel depending upon reviews)

X360 - Burnout Revenge

PSP - Stacked with Daniel Negreanu


Other titles I may pick up on or after release:


X360 - Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII

X360 - Far Cry: Instincts Predator

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GRAW, Burnout Revenge, Oblivion, and The Outfit looks like the final list for me.


Battlefield 2, and Blazing Angels I'll be holding off on until the next month or two after March.


As far as othe consoles, I'll be getting Tetris DS for sure, along with Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, and Onimusha Dawn of Dreams for the PS2.(though Onimusha is one Ill more than likely end up waiting for a price drop on)

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I really wish I could easily put off Battlefield MC but I had so much fun with it on the xbox. With the 360 facelift I just can't let it slip by. The controlled parachute jumps and all the different vehicles really make this a totally different gameplay experience then GRAW. I'm hoping more people will consider it, if not at release then later on.


GRAW doesn't have drivable vehicles, correct?

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Burnout Revenge

Oblivion (I think I remember Romier saying something about this)

The Outfit


Chances are I'll wind up getting BF 2 since I skipped the Xbox version, but loved the demo. Far Cry and Blazing Angels will most likely get bought when on sale depending on reviews.

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For the 360: GRAW and BF2: MC right away. Burnout Revenge and Far Cry eventually. And probably Blazing Angels sometime, if it turns out well.


For the DS: Metroid Prime: Hunters, Tetris DS, and does Worms hit in March? I'll be picking those up ASAP. The multiplayer here in the office is gonna get crazy :)


PC: Oblivion, right away.


If GRAW is super awesome, though, I may hold off on everything else... except the DS titles, since they're for my train ride and at work :)


With 3 must-buys for me this month (Super Monkey Ball DS, Fight Night Round 3, Super Princess Peach) and a maybe (Black), not to mention Top Spin 2 on April 3rd, it's going to be a ridiculously expensive couple of months. But in a good way :)

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