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Need For Speed Underground


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-So, I'm looking forward to Need for Speed Underground, as the previews have hooked me in. First off I have to say I can be a 'graphics whore,'... but the game play must be there too. Take a look at this article, and the sweet screen shots :green: , Need for Speed Underground.


-I'm glad they have nixed the former basis of the game, cops and criminals, and have gone for the Midnight Club clone concept. Looking at the football games for example, I'm hoping the direct competition with Midnight Club will have a 'raise the bar' effect on both games as the franchises battle for gamer dollars.


-I choose Midtown Madness over Midnight Club this summer, but I'm hoping Need for Speed forces me to buy another racer. Anyone else looking forward to this game?

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Wow, that looks awesome. It does look similar to MCII, but off the bat one of the nice differences is that is looks to have saturated colors, which MCII lacked...the game is fun, but it always seemed drab to me. That's not a critical requirement for a game, but it's a nice touch.


I also like the handling more in NFS, so I think this will be a winner. Can't wait!

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