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Xbox Live Games You've Gotten Rid Of!


Which of these games no longer sits on your gaming shelf  

  1. 1. Which of these games no longer sits on your gaming shelf

    • MidTown Madness 3
    • Mech Assault
    • Return to Castle Wolfenstein
    • Unreal Championship
    • Ghost Recon
    • Phantasy Star Online
    • Midnight Club II
    • MotoGP2
    • Outlaw Volleyball
    • Other

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Please, feel free to vote more than once!


Why ask this question? Well, I've been contemplating selling/trading Midtown Madness as my interest in it has peaked already and I have so many other games I'm currently interested in working on, as well as there are many titles coming out that I'm expecting I may purchase. I have ocassionally gone back and played Midtown but I must admit I perfer playing with a group of friends than a group of random people, but with Midtown it is rare these days to find friends online.


-I will not get rid of a game for that reason alone, but as I am on the fence about parting with MM3, I am looking for another reason to sway me one way or another. Like if 99% of the people I play with have gotten rid of MM3 there is considerably less reason to hang on to it, and like-wise if 99% still have it there is a good chance I may get more mileage out of it still. (This is not the only factor, just one of many).


-That brings us to this poll,... This thought process has gotten me to wonder which games have people gotten rid of and which ones have people hung onto? And more indepth responses are always welcome. Like Why would one hang onto GR if they also bought GRIT, ...they still play it, nostalgic value, too lazy to sell/trade it, etc? Ex., I have NFL2k3 and ESPN football because I haven't gotten off my duff to find out what I can get for 2k3 as I suspect it ain't diddly,.... maybe worth $2-$3 credit if I'm lucky.?


(Note: I can only include 10 choices in the poll so please excuse any omissions. I would have liked to add the original MotoGP if I had one more space.)

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I've gotten rid of Mech Assault & RTCW.


-Altough I wanted to really like Mech Assault I never really cared for the online aspect, but the single player was enjoyable.


-RTCW was great during the tournament but after the tournament the appeal was decidedly less gratifying. I think I was spoiled by the PC version which I played to death. RTCW was definately a 'forum flavor of the month' for me. But I don't regret the purchase as I consider the tournament one of the best online experiences I've had.


-BTW, I wonder where the Mods are today? I got no help with my F 'd up poll, they must all be engaged in a GRIT match or something. ;)

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I dumped MM3. It was fun at first, but it pretty soon became just a chat room where we could jump cars over ramps, and I thought the single-player was very boring. I've had lots of fun with RTCW and we've had the occasional nostalgia game which everyone seems to enjoy, and I haven't touched the single-player yet so I'll hang onto that one.

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I got rid of MM3 also. The game just disappointed me on almost every level, offline and on. I missed out on most of the big group gatherings, but the few I did get in on were just ok. Cruise mode just didn't have the same appeal to me as it seemed to other people. I got a good deal on it, so I didn't lose much on that game fortunatly.


I also got rid of MotoGP 1 and NHL2K3, but only because I've upgraded to MotoGP 2 and ESPN NHL Hockey. MotoGP 1 wasn't really needed anymore anyway since I've still got the demo disc and my save game file on the Harddrive.


Still have MechAssault, Tetris, Both ESPNs, and MotoGP 2.

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You can't enable multiple votes. Sorry.

The only way that you could change your vote is for me to close the poll & make another one.


You explained what you meant, which is good.

I did take out the GR:IT option,as it is probably too new for people to get rid of.

Other is a better choice - voters can explain what & why in the poll thread.


Any other questions,please feel free to ask :)

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I got rid of a few of them as i didnt really care for em.


Midnight club II-Didnt like

motogp2- Once the next batch of games came out i couldnt get back into it

Unreal and clone wars-both were horrible on the box

PSO-Couldnt see paying the monthly fee with stuff like wolfenstein coming out at the time

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Thanx for the reply Calvin!


And Capt, I'm kinda surprised by the MotoGP2 return. I don't own it, but I did play the first alot, and I think if I did end up picking up MotoGP2 some point (if I can get a sweet deal) I'd end up keeping it. That is certainly one of the best looking games (good to show off to people) and I always found I went back for a pick up game every couple of weeks. It never ceased to impress me. But I can see where getting back into it would be tough, as the learning curve is steep if you want to compete with the best racers, ... I did well, rarely finishing at the back of the pack, but I never could stay with the leaders for long. I was a Middler I guess. :)

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Originally posted by iCamp@Sep 19 2003, 08:26 PM

Castle Wolfenstein...Yuk!!


I purchased (and hated it) for the PC. Then, for some unknown reason, I purchased it for Xbox and hated that version even more. I think I need to buy the PS2 version just to waste some more cash. ;)

think I need to buy the PS2 version just to waste some more cash.


Oh, and there's a Mac version too!

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Dont get me wrong. I liked motogp2 when i was playing it 24/7 for a few weeks. However once i put down a game for a while its very hard for me to get back into it. There are very few games ive ever beaten more then once in single player. If im not gonna play it i just sell them to buy the newer stuff.



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