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Which MP3 Player for Windows?


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Ok so I'm trying to find a nice low level MP3 player for windows that doesn't eat up a bunch of memory doing all sorts of fancy shit that I will never see. I'd love to have something like iTunes on Windows, but alas its just not to be......yet :)


So what do you guys use/recommend for Windows.

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iTunes shouldn't be too far off now.


My favorite PC audio player (by far) is J. River's Media Center. It's probably much more than you want but I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an extremely powerfull media player and organizer. It's pretty amazing what this app can do.


If you want extremely high quality audio in a small footprint and don't mind the lack of an interface try Foobar 2000. It's probably the most flexible and best performing audio player on any OS. That said, it looks like a crappy DOS program. The next version will have a GUI.


My favorite 'small' player is QCD. It's what Winamp 3 should have been. It's a modern audio player that doesn't eat a lot of resources. There are tons of great plug-ins (and fantastic skins) and it'll play virtually every audio format known to PC.

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WinAmp2.8 or so on all of my machines.


Although my setup isn't quite as simple as that. Right now, I've got a NetJuke server running on the PC with all my music on it, and that gives a nice browser based "front-end", allowing searching of artists, tracks, albums, genres etc and easy playlist construction, on any PC on my home network or my work PC :) It builds winamp playlists on the fly & streams the music to the relevant PC. Multiple PCs can listen to different music at the same time, depending on the bandwidth available.


It's quite swanky :) I know iTunes does a lot of the same thing, but isn't available on the PC yet. As I'm currently "gathering together" all of my music onto one PC, a good solid interface is important to me.

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QCD does look nicer but other little things make it better than Winamp for me. The layout of the menus is a big one that makes QCD much more convenient to use. The plug-in & skin manager blow Winamp out of the water too. It's also nice that all the plug-ins (and there are a good number but not the 1000's Winamp has) are all easy to locate on the QCD site. I've found searching for particular Winamp plug-ins to be fruitless on their site.

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