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xp pro help needed badly


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hi all, hopefully someone can help me with this dilemna that i can't resolve. many sites are not loading up on any of my browsers including lcvg! i am writing this from my girlfriends ibook that is on the same network as me. i know it's a problem with my computer since all the sites that are giving me problems work on hers. except one that's not loading on both machines that might be my problem. http://www.winxpcentral.com/windowsxp/ has a broadband tweak that i applied several days ago that i think might be causing these problems. however i can not remember what i did and i can't get into the site to undo it. if someone could post it here so i could try and see if it is the cause.

or if anyone else can think of what might be causing these problems with certain sites. i've tried accessing them with firebird and i.e. and they both fail, which makes me believe it some setting i screwed up or something is corrupt.

i've run adaware,spybot,norton and have cleared my cache,cookies... i am at a loss please help!

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