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Xbox Wireless Question


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Question - I use the Linksys WAP Router (w/ 4 point switch), model BEFW11S4v3 (I looked at the bottom of my router) in combination with the Linksys WET11 ethernet bridge and everything works great in terms of connecting to XBL. However, I purchased an additional Xbox for the upstairs so that I could do link play with friends. When attempting this for the first time, the upstairs Xbox (hard wired to the above mentioned router) could see the game that was setup with the downstairs Xbox but we continually got a "connection failed" error message. When we manually ran a cable to the Xbox downstairs (i.e., bypassing the WET11) link play worked perfectly. So, it appears that the error is with the WET11. Does anybody know a solution to this problem? Why can I see the game but not join it? We tried this with both Halo and MechAssault. We could always see the game, we just couldn't connect. BTW, we tried starting the game on the upstairs Xbox as well, neither combination worked.


Basically, has anybody had problems using link play with this router and WET11 combo?


In doing some research, I see that MS does not certify the BEFW11S4v2 but it does certify the BEFW11S4v4. The site does not mention anything about my model (BEFW11S4v3). The write-up on the v2 states that they do not recommend using multiple Xboxes with the v2 router. I wonder if the v3 router suffers from the same fate?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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