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ESPN Hockey-Who got it?


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I was going to pick this one up, but Sega pulled a real boner with this game for me. No widescreen mode this year. I mean, you gotta be kidding. NHL2k3 was widescreen, why in the hell would you pull widescreen support from the game. When it comes to sports and driving titles I'm pretty anal when it comes to widescreen support, so espn hockey will probably get a pass from me.

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NHL2k3 was widescreen, why in the hell would you pull widescreen support from the game.


The graphics engine was completely reworked, so things like Widescreen, and camera zooms would have to be redone too, and there wasn't time. It's not annoying me nearly as much as it could.


I've got it, love it, but I'm not sure I wanna get into a league. I'm already in 2 MotoGP2 leagues, and the ESPN NFL one here.

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I'm here. I have yet to play an online game, to tell the truth. I really enjoyed my single-player games this weekend. Finally got some slider combinations that make it fun (IOW, I can score a goal sometimes, and the CPU can score goals, and I win some, lose some, tie some). Getting some variety of goals now as well... of course one-timers, but now slappers, rebounds, dekes. I'm certainly enjoying myself.


The widescreen bothers me. I miss it. I miss the camera zoom, and it makes seeing that opposing winger poaching in the slot for the one-timer almost impossible. But I do think I like it better than last year's game.


As far as the league, I don't know. My problem is that Live is not easy for me... I don't have an Ethernet cable to my Xbox, so I have to move the cable modem into the living room for every game. If I can justify the expense of the wireless bridge, I might be more likely to play, meaning I'd be more likely to start up the league. Call me selfish, but I don't want to go through the pain without getting some play :). Anyhow, we'll see. Though if someone else starts one before, more power to them of course.

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