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Great Endings to games


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Since we have a thread about disappointing endings, why not have one about great endings. :)


Please namae the game before descibing the ending so we don't spoil things for the folks that don't want to know that ending just yet.


I'll list some of my favorite endings.


Metal Gear Solid (PS): The ending was a great pay off to a great game. The cliffhanger was a good one finding out that the President was in on things and also similiar to a certain character in the game was very cool.


Knights of the Old Republic (X-box): I finished this game as a Dark Lord and the ending was great. Seeing my character starting to rule the universe and everyone bowing down before me was a solid way to end the game.


Grand Theft Auto III (PS2): After saving your girlfriend you realize how annoying she is and then shoot her. :)


Bionic Commando (NES): Still one of my favorite endings of all time and this game is about 15 years old I think.



I'll name some more as I think of them.



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Quest For Glory II (PC) - Love this ending. Your character goes before the sultan, and everybody you have helped or aided during the course of the game steps forward to give a little statement on how kick-ass a hero you are. If you're a fighter and have been good all game, you get a wicked capper where the liontaur Rakeesh gives you his flaming sword and pronounces you a paladin.


River City Ransom (NES) - RCR is one of the classics of the NES, but beyond that, it ends really well. Mostly just in text, but this just goes to show that even a text ending can be awesome if it's done properly. The whole denouement wraps up all the characters perfectly and with the same goofy sense of humor as before. Who cannot love the line 'Cindy was rescued in time to finish her shopping'? :lol:


Zelda: Wind Waker (GC) - One of my favorite endings ever. The end dungeon is a pain in the ass, but the reward makes it all worthwhile. The fight against Ganon is suitably epic and does things a little differently then normal, but the real meat comes when the scene switches and it looks like Ganon is about to get his wish granted by the Triforce, but it turns out that Zelda's dad slapped his hand on it. I didn't see that coming and it blew me away the first time I watched it. Then, even better, he actually wishes for Hyrule to be destroyed forever, because its time has passed. Stirring stuff and it wraps things up while promising a sequel, instead of just leaving some dangling plot point.


Secret of Monkey Island (PC) - "At least I learned something from all this..." "What's that?" "Never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game." :lmfao:


I'm sure there are others, but those are some of my faves :green:.

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Oh, duh, how'd I forget this one?


Star Control II (PC) - Possibly the best ending to any game ever, actually. Star Control II ends after a vicious starship battle and a really nice ending. But the real meat comes during the credits, which feature some hilarious dialogue from the various alien species and some awesome asides on the fates of different characters.

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Civilization series. The endings weren't spectacular on their own, but after winning it's satisfying to look at the charts that show my civilization's rise to primacy (and everyone else's decline).


And then you got the ranking chart that shows you as "Jay the Terrible" or "Jay the Cruel" or whatever -- begging me to start over and get a better ranking.



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And then you got the ranking chart


Sid Meier used that in a number of his games, including Pirates!, Railroad Tycoon, and Covert Action. I always love those rankings because they really let you see what you did through the game. Pirates! is particularly nice, since it goes through a list of your accomplishments such as how hot your bride is and how many times you sacked and pillaged major Spanish gold shipments ;).

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Funnily enough i really used to love the endings to the Tekken games, the fact that completing the game with each character would open up a movie for them that you could watch at your leisure.. it gave me reason to finish the games multiple times to see the cool and sometimes hilarious/bizarre (mokojin anyone?!) movies :)

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