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Master of Orion 3

Robot Monkey

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Wow, a reply! ;)


I picked mine up for less than $20 at Costco. I think it's a pretty good value for TBS fans at that price. And, FWIW, the patch is a huge improvement.


I really didn't care for MOO2, but I keep coming back to this one periodically.


I think I need to pick up GalCiv as soon as I find it value-priced.



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I was a huge fan of both MOO1 and MOO2. However, MOO3 was a huge disappointment for me. I found it to be far too divergent from its two predecessors. I didn't mind the facelift so much - that was fine (and to be expected). What bothered me was the newly unintuitive interface and the overextended leap in game complexity.


I found the manual that came with the game to be all but useless. It had plenty of foofy storyline (which is fine in and of itself) - but when it isn't coupled with adequate explanations of the many new basic game mechanics, it becomes severely devalued.


In a nutshell, I found MOO3 to be a confusing excersize in buggy futility. I had difficulty making it too far into the game and simply lost my patience with it. It didn't seem to have the same "feel" as the previous MOO games, and was far less intuitive. I was able to play and thoroughly enjoy the first two MOO games without even consulting the manual. With MOO3 however, the ineffectual manual couldn't help me enough. I personally didn't appreciate the level of micromanagement necessary in MOO3 either, though I know many people actually prefer to control things at the lowest level possible.


I haven't checked out recent patches or fan sites - perhaps they can clear some things up. But even so, for Quicksilver/Infogrames to have released such a deviant (from its predecessors) and for all intents and purposes incomplete (in my opinion) game is just something tragic. Perhaps it's just a testament to the great job that SimTex/MicroProse did when they developed the first two games.

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Oh, yeah, I forgot about that manual!


I was amazed when I pulled it out of the box, thinking "Wow, people still make real manuals nowadays!" Then I tried to use it. Oof.


I keep getting to a certain point in the game and get hammered by some bad guy who masses fleets in excess of 100 ships (I don't mean the Orion fleets, I mean some other computer player).


Maybe I need to pay more attention to alliances and such?



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Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction with the manual too. My first thought was "oh my goodness, I knew this game was going to be more complex, but I didn't think I'd need a manual this thick". But then the stark realization hit me -- I DID need a manual this thick, only this apparently wasn't the manual I needed.


As I recall, I already had trade/research alliances with 3 other races in the game I was playing, yet I couldn't even figure out how to build and deploy combat ships, as well as properly colonize another planet.


I so wanted to like this game, too... maybe one day I'll give it another go - after I read some user-written instructions on the web. Either that, or I'll just re-install MOO2 and play that again. :)

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