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Laser Squad Nemesis

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They praised the heck out of it at Penny Arcade, as I recall, I think I posted something about it in the X-Com thread at one point. Seemed interesting enough to my mind, I just don't have the money. But you can download a trial version that'll give you access to a couple games versus people who already own the full title for free.


I am 110% in favor of that kind of shareware style of deal. Screens look neat and supposedly it plays out pretty quickly as well.

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So many good memories of Xcom it's hard to keep track. Some of my favorite bits (that I can remember):


* Once you get that missle hovertank you just decimate entire structures. I loved spotting an enemy through a window with a char and having the tank guide a missle THROUGH the open window into the middle of the room. BOOM, lots of screeching aliens, lots of carnage.


* The flying power suits were crazy. You could send a rookie straight up 4-5 levels and scout out the landscape for your teammates. The aliens would inevitably bag the guy the next combat round, but at least you knew where they were.


* That mindcontrol stuff was just too hardcore. When one of your guys goes nuts and shoots 3 others in the back it's a real pisser. But when you possess an alien, make him wipe out his 3 buddies, then throw his gun on the ground it was pure gold.


* In the terror camps when the fast melee aliens would attack your crew was a lot of fun. They attack and 1-2 turns later one of your boys would go Alien on you and need to be exterminated. That was just too much first time it happened, I loved it.

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Heh, I just d/l'd the demo for this and gave it a go to see how it was, fueled by nostalgia. It's not X-Com, but it's not bad at all. Very interesting, in fact. And I got rocked by the computer in the freakin' tutorial, how lame is that? :P.


If the single-player game was X-Commy enough I could really see going for this, but that price point is still way, way too high if you ask me.

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