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Tiger Woods 2004


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Me too! I will give Tiger a rental and see if there is any justification for purchase. I just can't see how there will be enough of a difference from Tiger 2003 to warrant $50 with Links coming out in two months. I am still playing Mario Golf and that may feed my golf need until November.


I can actually see myself not sleeping for a night or two in a row once Links 2004 gets here. How great will it be to have online tournaments with our fellow golf fanatics?

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Originally posted by DrunkOM@Sep 22 2003, 01:12 PM

It's all about Links Live.

Post of the day! Post of the day! :)


Wait, don't want to leave Bryan out.


I can actually see myself not sleeping for a night or two in a row once Links 2004 gets here. How great will it be to have online tournaments with our fellow golf fanatics?


Post of the day! Post of the day!

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Penny Arcade had a funny rant on this:


I may talk about Tiger Woods 2004 later if I don?t just return it today. I understand that EA hates Microsoft and that they want to handle their own multiplayer shit. So instead of letting gamers play the game on Live we have to play it on EA?s matchmaking service, which is pretty much like Live except take out all the features that make Live awesome and add in a bunch of bullshit. Oh and I love that I can play Socom with 15 other people but I can only play a round of golf with one. I guess that EA?s servers just couldn?t handle the fast and furious action of a four player round of golf. A fat lot of fucking good the new four player modes like Best ball do me when I can?t even play them online. Pure fucking stupidity.
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Ok. I might just cave to peer pressure and pick this up when it comes out. I'm just curious to see how good the analog stick swing is in Links. It works well in Tiger Woods and games like Swingerz Golf.


If we can setup a tournament of just your Live Friends... we could have some pretty fun LCVG stuff.



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Well, I played TW for about 2 hours last night, so here are my brief impressions.



The graphics are pretty much the same from last year, things do seem to look a little sharper however. The trees look pretty bad when your up close to them, but otherwise the courses look generally wonderful, just like their counterpart in real life. The water reflections are nice, however there are no ripple effects in the water (except when your ball flies in).



As far as the gameplay goes, again, its pretty much the same as last year. Pull back on the thumbstick, push forward on the thumbstick. Unless your thumb goes drastically sideways, your ball will pretty much go where you are aimed. That's my one beef with the gameplay, it seems the analog swinging is very forgiving. You will rarely see any mishits at all. I was hoping this year that when you created a player and the attributes were low, the shots wouldn't be on line as much, but alas, the shots go straight, they just go shorter. Of course like always you have the option of adding to your attributes like power, accuracy, putting, luck, recovery, etc. I am choosing to keep these attributes pretty low so that I am not dominating the game like last year. The are options to turn off the power shot, spin control, and every options if you wish. I personally turned off the power shot option and the spin-the-ball-while-its-in-the-air option, I feel they are absurd. But to each his own. :)


I'm still not a very big fan of the cameras in TW. I much more prefer the cameras of Hot Shots Golf, where you can look wherever you want, whenever you want. But the cameras are the same as last years. You can zoom to the landing spot and thats it. Oh well, maybe next year.


You can also go to the pro shop, which I love, and buy all sorts of equipment. I believe there is over 1000 different items in the pro shop available to buy. Want a new driver that is more powerful? Save your money and buy it in the pro shop. The have equipment for everything your created golfer could ever want, hats, shoes, gloves, drivers, putters, shafts, balls, shirts, shorts, pants, sweaters, and on and on.


This brings me to Gameface. This is definitely the coolest feature EA has ever come up with. For a half an hour last night I played with this and I came pretty damn close to what I look like real life. It is cool as hell to play "as yourself" in the game. It just makes it that much more fun, like your actually accomplishing something. You can also put tattoos on your body if you wish.


There is a Tour Mode this year, where you can play a 52 week tour. You can do this for 10 seasons, but I haven't tried this yet. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.


If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

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