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What happened to the 'Live upgrade?!!?

Derrik Draven

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I remember reading all about 'Live 2.0, or whatever it was going to be called, supposedly being available now?


After being offline, Xbox wise, for about 4 months now, I just plugged my 'Box in this evening, expecting a nice new dashboard with chat capability.




And, yes...I'm definitely online.


Heard something through the grapevine about MS possibly pulling it due to some technical/legal reason.


Sorry if this is old news to you guys but, like I said, I've been completely out of the 'Live scene for the past 4 months due to a h.t. remodeling job downstairs.


Any of you guys have the scoop on this?

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It was released a week or so ago.


Connect to live through the Dashboard (no game in the system) and it should download the new dashboard with chat capabilities.


The XBL website was updated about a month ago to allow you to view your friends list on it, as well as some of the scoreboards (not to mention XSN).

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I got this from xbox.com:


Q: I can?t get the Xbox Live Now Dashboard update! What?s the deal?


A: Yeah, we know! Sorry about that, we?re working on it. Don?t sweat?the old version of the Dashboard still works just fine, and we should have the update available very soon. Thanks for your patience!


Guess they are patching it or something.

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Originally posted by Bryan_ZZ:

As long as they are working on it, 480p dashboard support would help. I am getting tired of swapping the HD and advanced AV cables from the back of the 'Box! :(


I'm not quite sure I follow you. Are you saying you can't view the Xbox dashboard with your HD pack? I have no problem viewing the dashboard on my system with the HD pack installed.


At any rate, I'm glad to see that I'm not going crazy. I finally logged onto the service after a long absence and I fully expected to find the new dashboard at my disposal. Alas, it was not there. Oh well, at least I still have my health.

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