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Good Deal on all 3 game systems plus new releases coming soo


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If you have been held back at buying a extra system like i have here is a deal for you


Over at ebworld.com they have a deal right now where if you buy a X-box, PS2 or Gamecube, one accessory and one game valued at $29.99 or more you get a $30 mail in rebate for a eb gift cert for use later. So X-box or Ps2 would be $150 new . but it gets better


Plus if you use MSN wallet



before June 20th you also get 20% back for all your eb orders in MSN bucks which you will be able to use starting in August towards participating stores (which eb is a part of). Ive done this msn thing before and it is legit. Ive been thinking of getting another x-box for my home theater. . This is a good deal. Also helps to get $10 back for a few games coming out in the coming weeks



(i also have a $20 gift card coming for buying enter the matrix /animatrix from eb so this deal is even sweeter :-) )


So the deal will be

X-box, Cheap Accessory $20, $50 game $249

-$30 gift card

-$49.80 on the msn $$


Total for x-box after all the rebates would be like $169.20 . Less then the price of a new x-box alone. So its like a free game and accessory. I gotta hop on this. one. with my $20 card. $149.20 is a excellent deal







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