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Adjuster's HT and Gaming pics


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So I'm finally learning a bit of HTML and utilizing my free webspace. Here are some pics of the HT.


Front view: TV is a 57" Toshiba HD-ready RPTV


Rear view


Equipment: From top to bottom we have Onkyo TXSR501 , Panasonic DVD A120, Pioneer Laserdisc player, Pelican System Selector Pro, Sony HiFi VCR (or as I call it: The dust collector) and a Pioneer HDTV/Digital cable box.


Gaming consoles


and my DVD's (This is an old picture. Its disturbing how many more I have now.



I don't get out much....

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Don't you wanna move that rear center surround up to the same level as the others? It'll hit you in the back of the head.


True, and I'd love to, but with the large window there, I'd have to mount it above and have it aim almost straight down. Not to mention burying more speaker wire in the wall. :cry:


Right now it's the only configuration that has a high WAF. I can lower the speaker behind the couch so its not visible during the day, and then raise it back up a night when I play games/watch movies.


It really doesn't sound that bad because I've adjusted the levels and speaker distances to the point that it doesn't overpower the left and right surrounds.




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On the extreme left and right of the top shelves of the piers. The photo is kind of dark and blurry because I took it without a flash so they are difficult to see.


The bad thing about using an entertainment center like this is that it pretty much forces you to use bookshelf speakers. Which, BTW, is my systems biggest weakness- speakers.


I'm currently using a set that came with an old HTB, and they need upgrading. Not that I ever get to run them as loud as I want to anyway. :roll:

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