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Any late-night Livers out there?


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Every since I picked up Xbox Live last year, I must admit that I haven't played it much at all. Furthermore, I haven't been able to play with many of the fine members of this board all that often... or ever. The biggest problem for me is that I work a second shift from 3:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. CST Monday thru Friday. So, I'm not home during many of the playing sessions scheduled during the prime time hours of the evening.


I was wondering if anyone else here is a late-nighter like me, willing and able to play a session or two of some games between midnight CST and 5 a.m.? The Live Enabled games I own included Mechassault, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Tetris Worlds. I also plan on getting XIII when it comes out next month.


Anyone interested? Let me know.

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Well, I get up at 05:15 to go to work most days, but I'm still a bit of a night owl.


I have every other Friday off. (next one will be 10/3) When I know I have the Friday off, I usually stay up VERY late on that Thursday night. Usually watching movies or playing games.


Send me a friend invite, and I'm sure our paths will cross on those thursdays.



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I'm a late nighter on the West Coast, so it's doubly bad for me. I tend to be on during the weekdays sometime after 9 or 10PM Pacific.


I have all the games listed in my Sig... haven't played much Tetris lately at all, so I'd certainly be up for some of that, or possibly mech Assault CTF.

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J Fo - BIGTIME late nighter here!


I've been on 2nd shift for 13 years. Kinda sucks. BUT...I don't get online usually until the witching hour and, like last night, bailed off around 5am.


There was some seriously hardcore guys racing last night. Several in the top 100's and the one guy was #18.


I remember back in 2nd round beta days, when there was only about 30000 people total on 'Live that late at night seemed to be the hardest racers. Looks like that hasn't changed.


What's your gamertag 'Fo? Go ahead and add me to your list and I'll do the same even though we don't have the same games. I'm on MotoGp and sometimes 'Recon.

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