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New Matrix Revolutions Trailer

Angry the Clown

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I'm waiting for this to hit the internet, but it aired on television here this morning and is just wonderful, far longer and more detailed than the UK only trailer that was released to cinemas a couple of months ago (which was really just an extended version of the footage seen at the end of Reloaded). This trailer begs to be downloaded in ultra-resolution once it's online. :)


Colour me excited.



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I downloaded it from Dark Horizons. The zip files are low rez or high rez.


Indeed, that wasn't the one I was talking about. That's the UK/International one I mentioned that's just a slightly extended version of the footage shown at the tail end of Reloaded. The trailer that aired here this morning is completely different.


For those who didn't see it; There's a major focus on Neo being trapped in some sort of other alternate reality, Bane revealing his posessed self to Neo, some Merovingian stuff, a fight back at the old subway station from the first film, more of Neo vs the thousand Smiths in the street, Neo being jacked into the Matrix blindfolded (I think there were also a shot of him piloting one of the real world ships blindfolded too), Niobe admitting she doesn't believe in "the one" but believes in [i assume] Neo, hundreds of fellas in those MechWarrior style robot suits...etc. So much to take in.


It's a terrific trailer that seemed likely to be the final worldwide trailer for the film (it certainly wasn't another TV spot). I hope it goes online soon. Perhaps it is going to theatres this weekend along with the Return of the King trailer.



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September 24th, 2003----------------------------


OK, we've got TV spots. How close are we until the release of the theatrical trailer?


You can see it in theaters this weekend.


Any sooner?


Television gets it tomorrow.


Will it be at the official site?




Will it be high res?


Of course. We're encoding from 2K source files, which is the resolution of the trailer in theaters; in short, we're drawing on as clear and high resolution an image as exists.


What is the length?


Longer than the three TV spots combined.


Want more?


The latest batch of photos, here.



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This looks interesting. I can't say it made me jump up and down like a giddy school girl who just got a date to the prom with the captain of the football team, but I will inevitably go see it along with every other person in the world the weekend it comes out. Let's hope they've saved the best one for last.

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Originally posted by FutureVoid:

Oh and the movie looks utterly fantastic. November Matrix Revolutions and December Return of the King. My cinematic mind is prepared to be blown.


Don't forget about the Extended Edition of The Two Towers. I'm on pins and needles waiting for that to come out. :D

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Anyone know if Warner are sticking to their announced plan to release it in most countries with the first showings starting at EXACTLY the same time across the globe? The Wachowski brothers plan was, for example, if the first showing started at 10am in New York, it would start at 3pm in London.... Be great if they can pull that off. At least it's definately opening the same day in the UK as it is the US, unlike Reloaded which we had to wait a couple of weeks longer for.



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The IMAX version of The Matrix Reloaded was impressive. It doesn't fill the entire screen vertically as the presentation is open matte, so you're not loosing any image information, and thus no panning or scanning is involved.


There are some visual artifacts if you look for them however. The most common is the visible mesh pattern of the grain and digital noise reduction process a 35mm source is run through to be acceptable to the eye for IMAX DMR presentations. It's a dancing pixel effect noticeable if you stare at faces or static backgrounds for a long time. There are also remnants of what some would deem "edge enhancement" halos around some objects. Again, one could take this to be another side effect of the grain reduction process in their attempts to sharpen the image for the large screen format.


If you sit toward the back of the theatre, and just enjoy the movie, it's a wonderful experience. You feel like you're flying with Neo when he takes to the skies.


If anything though, I'd say "see it for the sound." :) It is by far the most incredible experience in sound I have ever heard in a commercial theatre. It is absolutely outstanding.



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