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Really big KBtoys Sale coming up!!!

The Daisy

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Ok. I couldn't wait to post this in the new VG savings thread, I had to break it as soon as I found it.


KBtoys was involved in a class action lawsuit for manipulating prices. Here are some of the details from the class action suit.


Plaintiff alleges that Defendants implemented a pricing scheme that utilizes two different prices which are placed in near proximity of one another on price tags, on shelf tags, on in-store signs and in retail and online advertisements. One price, a comparative or "reference" price, is printed in black ink and then crossed out in red ink. A lower, second price, which the consumer must pay to purchase the product, is displayed in simulated handwritten red ink. Plaintiff alleges that the comparative or "reference" price for the product is not the prevailing market price for the product and that little or no actual sales were ever consummated or expected at this price. Rather, Plaintiff alleges that it is a fictitious amount used to make the actual purchase price for the product appear as a bargain and as a reduction from the comparative price. Plaintiff contends that Defendants' alleged conduct violates the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act ("Consumer Fraud Act") and the Illinois Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act ("Uniform Act"), as well as similar consumer protection statutes in other states, and constitutes unjust enrichment. Plaintiff is seeking compensatory and punitive damages, an award of attorneys' fees and expenses for bringing the Action and a permanent injunction to prevent Defendants from continuing to use the alleged wrongful pricing scheme.


Now for the good part. :)


Defendants will distribute the Net Settlement Fund by providing a discount at the cash registers of all KB Toys, KB Toy Works, KB Toy Outlet, Toy Liquidator and KB Toys Express stores nationwide, including Guam and Puerto Rico, equal to 30% off all qualifying purchases of $30 or more during October 8-14, 2003. This distribution (the "In-store Distribution") will be done without requiring a request of any store customer and will be separate and apart from, and in addition to, any previously planned promotional events for 2003. Defendants will not advertise or otherwise promote the distribution in advance of the In-store Distribution. Signs detailing the terms of the In-store Distribution, however, may be displayed in or around the stores during the In-store Distribution and up to 48 hours in advance of the In-store Distribution.


30% off anything over $30 bucks? Glen will be coming home with quite a few games, and a GBA SP. :)


Sometimes the legal system works for us, doesn't it?


The only question is whether or not the sale will be available online or just in store. Either way, I'm spending some money there.


Here is the whole link regarding the class action suit.


KBtoys class action suit.



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Another great find, Glen! KB Toys is an odd retailer for videogames. I've yet to see a new videogame in KB Toys that wasn't as or more expensive than can be found elsewhere and it takes forever for prices to come down, if ever, yet their website is often quite reasonable. There's sometimes a couple gems among the dross on the "Closeout" table. The cynical side of me (it's a Moebius strip) says that for that week they won't have any stock of low-margin items like games or consoles.

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I would think that at the very least it would apply to games. Take a look at their website, they always have black prices that are crossed out and red prices showing you "the good deal you're getting".


Yeah, I realized after posting it that it was proposed settlement. We won't know for sure until next Wednesday.



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Sorry to burst the bubble:

Thank you for your inquiry about the products subject to the discount.

From KB's attorneys:

The qualifications are as follows:


Excludes Gift Cards, Video Now products, video games, systems and

accessories. Discounts taken off lowest ticketed prices at register.

Sales taxes are not valid toward the $30 purchase requirement. Not valid

toward previous purchases.


Thank you for your inquiry.

I trust this answers your question.

Please feel free to email again with any other questions.


Clint Krislov

Krislov & Associates, Ltd.

Civic Opera Building

20 North Wacker Drive, Suite 1350

Chicago, Illinois 60606

Telephone: 312-606-0500

Facsimile: 312-606-0207



Guess it's Barbie's Dream House for me.

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Originally posted by Eickhorst10@Oct 1 2003, 07:41 PM

Legally, how can they arbitrarily exclude certain items from the sale? I can understand gift certificates, but what makes video games and systems different from any other merchandise?

Because this is a settlement -- agreed upon by the plaintiff class and defendant and entered by the court.



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This is the first time I read this thread, but let me say I'm releaved a bit... had this been the case, I'd have to eat Ramen(sp?) Noddles for the next few months. Right now, I'm considering a PS2 and GBASP (and keeping my GBA), plus more games of course. Had the deal applied to games and consoles, that would have been my breaking point. :)


Paying more, but over time is much easier on the wallet ;)

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