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Belkin Nostromo SpeedPad n52!


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I was just reading up on Belkin's website and saw that a new Nostromo SpeedPad is coming out. It appears to have 14 keys (vs the original 10) plus a thumb button right above the D-pad and a thumb key right below.


The tagline on the website claims 104 total programmable functions (vs the orignal 52) and it looks darn sexy to boot.


I'm afraid I'll have to buy one when it comes out. I wonder which game I will have to sacrifice?




According to this press release they ship on September 29. I'd better start selling off some old stuff if I'm going to afford this now.

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I ordered mine from yesmicro.com for just under $28.00 (check froogle for the link) and the email they sent me said that it wouldn't hit their warehouse until 10/09. The press release I read mentioned a 09/29 ship date, but I can wait a couple more weeks.


I can't get that TacticalBoard link to open here at work so I can't comment on that. I'll try to look at it when I get home.

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Originally posted by A CLAN OF ONE@Oct 13 2003, 09:00 PM

Anyone got their hands on this yet? (pun intended)

I was looking at a bunch of websites and it's either not out yet or has sold-out. Which is it?

I've been waiting for YesMicro.com to get their stock. Originally the estimated date was 10/09 but that was recently changed to 10/15. I'm hoping it doesn't change again.

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I finally got my n52 today, and color me impressed.


The buttons, besides being numerous, are solid nice to push. There are some great additions to the n52 over the n50. Belkin has added a thumb button that by default acts as the spacebar, otherwise known as the jump button in most FPS games. In fact, the n52 comes with a full set of defaults designed for FPS gamers, yet provides an application that makes programming it simple.


The throttle wheel has been replaced by a fully-360 degree mouse wheel/button. There is also an additional button above the D-pad that could prove quite usefull. All told there are fourteen keys, the D-pad, two thumb buttons and the scroll wheel/button. Add a total of four shift states (which can be activated by any button or the wheel depending on how you program it) and you have over 100 total commands.


Combine this with the ability to program macros and you have a powerhouse of a game controller.


The software is another great feature of the n52. I find it simple to learn, easy to program and it's nice to look at. Programming macros is as easy as hitting record, performing your keystrokes and editing the results for fine-tuning. Belkin has even included an import utility to ease the transition from the n50. Finally there is the Loadout Manager which assigns the correct controller profile to the game you wish to play. After you set it up the first time by connecting the profile to the game's executable you'll never have to fumble with it again.


So far I have only played with Tron 2.0 multiplayer since the command set is simple. After programming movement into the D-pad and buttons for jump, crouch and alt attack (you can walk up and bitch-slap your opponent with the disc) I had plenty of buttons left over. To fill up some of the space I created some simple chat macros (Good game, Nice shot, etc) that should get me by in most games.


I'm looking forward to spending some more time with the n52. I find it to be more comfortable than the n50. Belkin has done a nice job with the ergonomics, and the black/grey color scheme fits my custom computer setup.


I find this a very solid buy for what I spent. Belkin suggests a $49.99 price, but I got mine at YesMicro.com for less than $28 plus shipping. I've seen it on the 'Net for anywhere between my price and MSRP.

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