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RPG gems that slipped through the net?

General Zot

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Anyone know of any (still playable) great RPGs that might have slipped through the net of public notice? I was thinking about picking up Wizardry 8 for some old school turn-based hardcore fantasy RPG action, but started thinking maybe there is more out there than I know. Here's the best semi-recent RPGs I could think of (meaning they work natively under Win9x kernal):


* Baldur's Gate games

* Planescape:Torment

* Fallout games

* Wizardry 8 ?

* Arcanum ?

* others?!?


ANd yes, Diablo isn't in that list on purpose 8) (not really an old school RPG)

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Hehe, maybe slipped through the net isn't the right wording. Because if ever there was an underground RPG, it's Baldur's Gate II. No one has ever heard of that one :roll: I guess I meant great RPGs that are still natively playable on Windows machines but are either past their prime or mostly unknown.


So Zork, Ultima III, and Questron are right out (although still beloved.)

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True RPG that really slipped through the net Arx Fatalis. Fantastic first person adventure with a good story and great play mechanics. Due out for the Xbox in November as well.


Also wanted to add Gothic and its sequel Gothic 2. Both of which are the spiritual cousins to Morrowind as they are huge, open ended and happen to have a better combat system ;).

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