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FINAL FANTASY VII: Advent Children movie!!


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Originally posted by dogbert@Sep 26 2003, 09:49 AM

"Straight to video" doesn't carry a stigma in Japan like it does here. In fact, "OVA" (original video animation) is usually regarded as a badge of quality - too good to broadcast on TV ;)

Really? I thought that was just American otaku thing. Some of the most high-regarded Anime series over here were in fact TV shows over there.


Regardless... does this look like it'll get a theatrical release here or...?

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Some of the most high-regarded Anime series over here were in fact TV shows over there.


Some, but not all. Most people would be shocked to find out that Cowboy Bebop, for instance, was half TV series and half OAV. Thirteen episodes of Bebop were never shown on television and instead released on video. Ballad of Fallen Angels was one of those eps and most people who've seen it will happily argue that that's a classic episode of any anime series :).

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Interesting trailer, action looks cool at least.


Actual plot does nothing for me, not shockingly. I don't like the idea of bringing Sephiroth back at all, but I realize his presence will sell copies to that die-hard fanbase that has this massive mad-on for anything that even potentially drips of his involvement.


FF7 Spoiler below...




No, further, geeze :P





Wonder if they'll bring Aeris back from the dead too? ;)

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Heard about this for a while, they talked about it a good bit a while back on Gamespot. I hear this is also coming out as a "movie disk" for the PSP. - The trailer that pieter posted was the one being played on Gamespot, I figured a lot of people saw that so I didn't bother posting about it.

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I've watched about half of the film at the moment. Looking forward to finishing the rest when I get home. I got my hands on a copy from a friend and let me say that if Square would have released this from the get-go instead of Spirits Within, thier movie division may not have tanked so terribly. It really is a wonderful flick so far. Lots of action, quality storyline, and TONS of fan service. Everything from the music (the main theme is present and accounted for along with everyones favorite operatic "SEPHIROTH!" theme that played furing the final battle of Final Fantasy VII), to the remains of Shin-Ra and more will have the fanboys going crazy. Lots of suprise cameos too, and the final battle in the film is positively cool as hell (yes I skipped ahead:D ).:rock


It makes me want to pop in FFVII and play through it (and man it's been a LONG time).

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It's set two years after the events of Final Fantasy VII Derrick. The entire storyline of the game is covered in the opening montage. The story for Advent Children revolves around a disease called the Geostigma that is causing the people to suffer. The children more than any other. Cloud now lives with Tifa at the orphanage but disappears regularly to hide the fact that he is also infected with the Geostigma and to deal with feelings of guilt over what happened to Aerith/Aeris in the game. The primary villains of the movie are three brothers who wish to be reunited with "mother" and bring about the beginning of a new world. Every major Final Fantasy VII character makes an appearance along with several cameos from other favorites including the remnants of the Shinra corporation (who plays a somewhat suprising role now).


The film as mentioned is just loaded with fan service for those who played through the game. You will see characters using Materia, along with a slew of locales that appeared in the game. Hell, one characters cell phone rings with the end battle fanfare music that Final Fantasy fans are all too familiar with. Special mention should go to Nobuo Uematsu's score for the movie which is just sublime. Already looking to order it online.:)

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Anyone else pick up the Advent Children DVD today? I picked it up at a local shop on my way home from work. As evidenced by my previous posts in this thread I have already watched the film in the past and I was looking forward to finally seeing it on my HT. It's just as enjoyable as it was then. The picture quality is stellar also (if a little soft at time). Good, active DDEX 5.1 track as well. Square should have really pushed something like this film over Spirits Within IMO. It's a better film.

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I was 2 different Best Buys yesterday after work, they were sold out at both stores... not sure if that's due to low shipment or high demand. But either way, I'll grab it at Target today. My 1st RPG was FF7, and I'm not ashamed to admit it... I've done every FF since, except 11.



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Same problem here - both Best Buys I hit yesterday were sold out. I have to believe they short stocked these, but if they actually did sell a ton of them that's cool. I'll try Target or Circuit City on my way home today.


I did notice that at those BB's they had quite a few copies of the theatrical FF movie in places you might expect to find Advent Children. Felt a little shady to me.

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Huh. I was at EB on Monday and they had at least 15 copies just sitting there. They've probably sold out since, but I just thought it was funny to see all of the copies sitting there and no one was asking about them. Well, that's not true.... they were running the trailer on the TV at the store and this is the rest of the exchange....


"So, what's that on the TV?" - idiot


"That's the new Final Fantasy VII movie" - clerk


"Huh. Looks good. Is it for the PS2 or the Xbox?" - idiot


"Well, you can watch it on those.... it's a movie." - clerk


"Really? That looks like great graphics for a game." - idiot


"It's not a game... it's a movie." - clerk (At which point he shows him the DVD case.)


"Not a game?" - idiot


It was at this point that I nearly bludgeoned him with a magazine display....



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