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Capcom working on Nightmare Before Christmas game

paul h

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I think there's enough existing score for them to work with to avoid the expense of having Elfman do entirely new stuff for it, although that would be a dream. They could possibly even stretch to using the additional score Elfman wrote for the Haunted Mansion Christmas if they were short for cues...


Anyone know the premise of the game? Is it based on the film, or based on new events within the worlds of the film?



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Oh my God!! NBC is one of my favorite movies. My AP Gov't teacher looks like the vaginally diseased crackheaded scientist in the wheelchair.


I loved the NBC sequences in Kingdom Hearts, I wish PS2 was cheaper because I'd definitely buy it for this game, and I despise PS2. Here's hoping this game turns out awesome!

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New info on the game from Capcom and some tasty screenshots posted on computerandvideogames:


Excerpt from interview. The full article can be read here


With the game set for a simultaneous worldwide release on Halloween 2004, there's still a way to go and Capcom is keeping much underwraps. But we were still able to get a fascinating insight into the title when we sat down exclusively with Nightmare producer and general manager of Production Studio 3, Tatsuya Minami.


How did you come to work on the game with Disney? Did they approach you or did you pitch for the title?


Minami: Capcom has been collaborating with Disney for quite some time on other projects, and when it was wondering what to do next, Disney actually came to Capcom and said: "We have this idea..." And it was The Nightmare Before Christmas.


So it was a case of Disney saying: we have this licence, it's the tenth anniversary - what can you do? And you've said you're a big fan of the film so you must have had plenty of ideas?


Minami: In a nutshell, yes!


As a fan, is this something you've wanted to do for a number of years; a dream opportunity?


Minami: I'm a big fan of Tim Burton and the last movie of his I watched was Nightmare Before Christmas. At that point I never ever thought it would become one of my games! The film itself uses puppets, but that is unfortunately impossible with the game, so that had to change to a normal 3D game - but that was good.


With an original game, you obviously develop it from scratch, but with such a big licence, especially a film by a director you admire, does that make the process that much harder?


Minami: Original games have their own difficulties, just like licensed titles. With an original game, if I'm happy that's fine, but with a licence everyone has to be happy!


Have you met Tim Burton yet? What does he think about the game?


Minami: No comment! [laughs]


*Edited for Copyright purposes*

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Looks like this one will make it to the US from Buena Vista Interactive, not Capcom themselves. Also it will now be released on both PS2 and Xbox! Too bad most of the reviews from Japan on this game call it a pile of crap. I'll probably still get it for the wife though, she seems to like shitty games.

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Heres the report:




The action adventure based on Henry Selick's acclaimed stop-motion movie was released in Japan on October 21, 2004 to generally favorable reviews. Following the events of film, players take control of Jack Skellington who sets out on a search of new ways to spook kids during Halloween. He returns home to find that Oogie Boogie has returned and Halloween Town is in peril once again. Using a "Rubber Soul" item, Jack must get to the bottom of what's going on. Players can move around through a 3D recreation of Halloween town, taking on the Boogie faithful.


October 2005 is the release date.

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I'm definitely excited about this one.

I LOVED Medievil, for it's own sake, but also because it DID remind me of TNBC.


Speaking of, I hope to GOD they bring out another MediEvil on the PS#. I know they have one for the PSP coming out, but it isn't going to be the same as a full game with hi-res on a full sized screen.

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I know they have one for the PSP coming out, but it isn't going to be the same as a full game with hi-res on a full sized screen.

Not coming, it's been out since the beginning of the month. I have it home Jim, so the next time you're over I'll pop it in the PSP and let you play it. It's basically a remake of the original game with some level design changes, new bosses, and far better visuals. I think you'll enjoy it.;)

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