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Ghost Recon Island Thunder Tournament


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I put this off for a bit but its time for our first Ghost Recon Island Thunder tournament, and our first group play event here at lcvg. It will take place starting this time next week depending on how many people we get.


I think what we will do is go with random teams the first time out(i put all the names into a hat and pick, yes i actually use one of my old stinky met hats :-) ) as I plan on doing more in the future where you can pick your teams


If you want to take part post here so i can get a idea of how many want in, as im sure there are a bunch. Also a few questions i want to take into consideration


1-How many men per team 3 or 4?

2-Best 2 out of 3, 3 out of 5 or 4 out of 7?

3-Which maps do you think are good for tourney play?

4-anything else you may want to comment on



I know there are a few people who you guys play with that arent on the forum. If they want tp play in the tournament tell them to sign up if they want to play in the tournament. lcvg is free and its not to hard to sign up :-)



Also please only say you want to take part if you plan on playing. Saves a lot of problems down the road



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<drops name in stinky Metropolitans hat>


Three man teams would get more teams in the tourney...


Maps: I would mix up some small and large maps to be fair to everone.



Island village


Ghost Town

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I'm in. I think a best of seven would work well. With ten minute games matches would take at least 45 minutes and no more then an hour and a half. This would give everyone an ample amount of game time but not take all night to complete.


The question I have is are we playing last man standing or seige? Respawns?

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Originally posted by merlot@Sep 26 2003, 09:54 AM

If it's Friday night, I say alcohol is mandatory. You know, to even the playing field... it would suck to see the sober guys getting their asses kicked by the drunks :twisted:

I have to agree with that! It's funny how quickly GR:IT sobers you up 8) Means we might have to cut our MST movies short on friday's, Data...

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