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Cooking with Monkey, Bass & Poisonous Jam

Robot Monkey

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What’s everyone cooking this weekend? Full-on ‘Murica Meatstravaganza here. Hot dogs and burgers FRI night, steak and smashed potatoes last night, and a pork shoulder smoking outside right now for tonight’s dinner. I might have to detox tomorrow with some salmon and a Caesar salad.

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I'll be making this for the wife and me. "Grilled Cajun Flank Steaks & Potato Salad" from Blue Apron. I wish it was burgers and dogs and a party, but it'll just be us this year.

Edit: Everything went great until I forgot the whole "cut against the grain" rule and ruined the steak! Never again.

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I smoked my first pork butt yesterday. I bought what ended up being a two pack from Costco, and just smoked one of them. Rubbed it with mustard (mostly as a binder) and rubbed it liberally with Meat Church's Holy Gospel rub. Smoked it on the Pit Barrel Cooker to about 160, moved it to a foil tray, added a little apple cider vinegar, covered tightly with foil, and cooked to about 205. Let it rest in the (off) oven for 45 minutes, and then shredded it with two forks. Absolutely delicious! We made sandwiches with a little Stubb's BBQ sauce and some pickled onions. Absolutely killer, and will make again.


However, I think I'm going to use the second one to make Puerco Pibil (recipe stolen from this thread years ago). I made it once 10 or so years ago, and still smile every time I think about it!  Thanks to @Robot Monkey for suggesting it many years ago. Speaking of which - do you have the recipe by any chance? I tried the Red Velvet link and it's going to something else now :(



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Grind all these:

5 TB annato (1 pkg from Mexican store; not pre-ground)
2 TB kosher salt
1 TB peppercorns
8 whole allspice
2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp whole cloves

Blend all these:

8 garlic cloves
2 habaneros
1/2 C OJ
1/2 C white vinegar
juice of 5 lemons
1/4 C tequila

Blend this smooth, add ground spices, blend to mix

~5 lbs pork butt, cut into chunks

Put in bag, add marinade, refrigerate 6 hrs or overnight. Turn bag periodically.

Oven to 325 deg. Wrap pork in banana leaves, cover tightly with foil.

Bake 4 hrs.

I like to do all this the day before I want to serve -- let it cool, pull out all the pork and put it in a container in the fridge.

Put the remaining sauce in a container in the fridge. Next day pull out the yellow fat cap from the sauce. (sometimes I save this and use it for refried beans).

Put the sauce back into the pork, add a splash of OJ and tequila to brighten it up and reheat.


Serve with quick pickled sliced red onions no matter what.


Sometimes I serve it on rice with grilled tomato and grilled jalapeno and pickled red onions.


Sometimes I serve taco-style on corn tortillas with cilantro and pickled red onions.

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On 6/27/2021 at 8:52 AM, dogbert said:

My Father's Day gift (that I asked for...) was cooking classes. Just booked the first one - Korean Barbeque @ Sur La Table. Quite excited to try something completely new. 


Well, that was a ton of fun + I learned a lot. I am not an advanced cook, note. 

Class of 8 split across 3 stations, with each station making the full course to share among their group. I had a couple of very nice women around my age, one of whom was Korean.... :) Dishes were bulgogi beef BBQ in lettuce wraps (with a ton of veggies...), shallot pancakes, veggie stirfry with glass noodles, and a side of quick pickled cucumbers. Ingredients were prearranged on trays to pull out at the right time, tools were all arranged for exactly what we needed, and any oils etc were in little dishes. Beef was already sliced + marinating, but he gave us tips on what to buy + how to slice it (freeze it for a bit...). 

Lots + lots of veggie chopping. I learned how to do onions really really easily. About 2/3s through, we get a 10 minute break to "browse the shop" while they clean up + set us up to do the stir frying - you get 10% off anything in Sur La Table during the session. 


Food was delicious, I lucked out with some nice conversation, and I learned stuff. Detailed step by step instructions + ingredient list come home with me. I'll do this again. 

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27 minutes ago, Robot Monkey said:

That class sound like a blast!


As for the beef, do you have an H-Mart near you?

Oh yes, I know they sell it pre-sliced. For my picky kids, likely going to try a variant with chicken - chef said that would work too + not be as intimidating looking. Kids....  






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1 hour ago, Robot Monkey said:

What else have you tried, Phil?


For out get together last month we made some chicken Piccata .. I like fettuccine with this but any pasta taste great with the sauce.


Also love Herb crusted Salmon with cheesy vegetables.. 





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20 hours ago, Robot Monkey said:

What the FUCK, Phil? You've been trying out a new skill and kept this from us? Thumbs up from me.

Hahah well I have been out of work since April of last year, so i have had time. My brother in-law and I have friendly competitions. He is better on most dishes. However i have been using the crock pot a little bit as well. I will have to post some of those recipes.

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Coca-Cola Baby Back Ribs


2 Racks of Pork Baby Back Ribs

1 litter Coca-Cola

1/4 cup Brown Sugar- add more if needed

1 bottle of any BBQ sauce- I used Hunts Honey Maple

Salt and Pepper more or less

**Paprika only if you like a kick**

  1. Use nonstick spray inside crock pot.It will get sticky 
  2. Mix Bottle of BBQ Sauce,brown sugar, salt and pepper. Season ribs on both sides (save some for a later step)
  3. Put ribs in the crock pot. Might need to use Tetris skills. It will be a tight fit (remove some ribs if needed)
  4. Last pour coke to where it can fit into crock pot. Slow 8-10 hours. 

Really Caramelize Ribs

  1. Pre-Heat oven at 400 for 10 minutes
  2. Remove the ribs and put into 2 silver baking pans
  3. Rub mixture of bbq,brown sugar, on all sides.
  4. Leave in oven for 10-15 min then remove and let sit for 10 min.




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9 hours ago, dogbert said:

I had to cancel the last cooking class because I was sick, but I booked its replacement for next Saturday - "basic knife skills". I've got some learning to do on this for sure. Same chef as my Korean BBQ class, chosen on purpose. 

Awesome. Picked up a set of Ceramic knives last month. They cut alot better than reviews ive read. Learning how to cut onions was always a chore lol . Let us know how it goes.

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