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Exciting Resident Evil 4 footage

Angry the Clown

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heavy liquid;


Yes, this one is fully 3-D, and you definitely get that from the movie Daniel linked to. It looks like Capcom has taken the idea of the very dramatic but static camera angles from previous games and applied it to this one, only now they use a movie camera to heighten the effect.


I, for one, will be keeping an eye on this.

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Spring 2004 at the earliest, last I heard. It's definitely a next year release though.


I hope they just put in a wide variety of control schemes, that seems to work best in RE4. I'll be happy to have Control-C back, but something Devil May Cry-esque would work for people too (not me, I hate it :P).

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Well the reason I bring the controls up is I seem to remember talk about them trying something completely different with one of the upcoming RE games.


Resident Evil 4 will supposedly house a first person mode of some type as far as I have heard thus far John. Not exactly sure if they are making changes in terms of the spin in place controls of the previous games and moving to full analog control (considering this RE is being touted as a departure from previous games I have a feeling we may see that happen).

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