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Robert Palmer Dead at 54


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-Palmer and Ritter passing away so young, and both from heart ailments, it worrys me sometimes. As revealed in an earlier LCVG poll, many of us are 30 or older, and from what I've read about heart conditions it is a good idea to start having your physician start evaluating for heart conditions right around this age, ...just as a precautionary measure that is. I keep saying I'm gonna schedule an exam, just to put my mind at ease, I just need to get around to choosing a physician.

-R.I.P. Robert Palmer

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My god what a horrible year this has been. So many truly talented people dying seemingly our of nowhere. John Ritter was a shock and it truly did not sink in until my wife and I stayed up late watching a Three's Company episode (a hilarious one with Jack posing as Janets date at a party).


Also not a recent death but the passing of Madeline Kahn in '99, who I absolutely adored was one of the saddest days of my life and the first time I found myself shedding a tear for a complete stranger (in the familial sense) who made me laugh so much.


...and now Robert Palmer.


Insane, as just yesterday I was teasing my wife about pulling her dark red hair back and walking around the house like one of the "Addicted to Love" girls (the levity of the situation completely sucked away by his death today).


So very very sad. R.I.P. Robert Palmer.

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