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The LCVG Xbox Live Uno Tournament

Brandon H

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Sorry, I'm a little late!


Preliminaries, Round 1 (top two from each group advance to preliminary finals. Finals winner gets 16th spot in tournament.)


I've asked one person from each group to be the host. If there is a problem, please post here or PM me.

Group 1

Ricky Hustle (host)





Group 2

Eldorado (host)





If at all possible, please play preliminary rounds this week so we can have the formal tournament next week. There are open hours in the gaming schedule at 8 p.m. EST every night except THU, and should be some late-night hours available, too.


All games should be standard decks and rules, with a scoring limit of 350 points.


If there are no-shows with 15 minutes of agreed-upon start times, they forfeit their position. If there are any questions or disputes, please contact me.


To make it more interesting . . . I'm upping the ante a bit. This is a winner-take-all affair. Tourney winner will receive a $10 Best Buy gift card, 1600 Xbox Live Marketplace points, and a deck of actual, real UNO cards.


Please post results here once first-round preliminaries are complete.


The following people are guaranteed a spot in the main tournament next week:


1. FutureVoid

2. CaptDS9E

3. Odie

4. Fractured

5. gwhinwi

6. Carlucci

7. Whooter

8. Thrillho

9. Lupo

10. stencil

11. Orpheus

12. WetWork

13. fighting fish

14. RingWraith




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You guys can PM me and let me know your availability this week. I'm available Wed, Thurs and Saturday, and Sunday nights - after 8:30 PM PST. I know that pretty much is in line with Pete's hours, but I'm not so sure about Calvin and Trevor.

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I just realized that my Friends list was very sparse, so I just send friend requests to everyone in the tournament through xbox.com. Hope it works.


I used the gamertag list as it looks like the 23 names up above were Forum names and there were some differences.


Sean...Thursday night or Saturday/Sunday anytime work best for me.

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I've got homework to do tonight and class until about 10 EST tomorrow. Brandon_S, ohthen, Sparkz, we can either do it after my class tomorrow or anytime Thursday or Friday night. Or the weekend for that matter.


i have to go to a funeral tomorrow, so weds is out for me as well. anytime thursday night is fine, how about 9est?

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