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Nintendo Announces Wireless GBA Adapter

Ryan FB

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Nintendo/Motorola Press Release

Gamespot Article

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Seems pretty neat to me, and it looks like Nintendo is addressing the "wireless multiplayer" feature that the Nokia N-Gage and upcoming Sony PSP will have. I'd say that the next GBA revision/update (if there is one) could possibly have this integrated. Interesting that they claim it will now support 5 players, where the normal cables just support 4. A GCN-side adaptor would be great as well for GC-GBA connected games, Wavebird-style.


Edit: Ack, I just noticed this:

The Fire Red and Leaf Green Pokemon games are the only two that are currently known to support Nintendo's new wireless GBA multiplayer adapter, but Nintendo has stated that it will announce more compatible titles in the future.

I'm assuming this means no backward compatability with earlier link titles. :(

I can almost understand it, given the current link system's assumption of 0-latency between systems, but for them not to figure out some way around this is a shame. Backwards-compatability on something like this makes it much, much nicer.

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Seeing that an unsupported Third-party was able to produce a wireless adaptor that functions properly with current multiplayer games, I hardly think it's expecting too much of Nintendo to do the same with their in-house first-party device. :( I guess it's great news for the people at Triton who put all that time into getting it working, since the two adapters (currently, as I understand it) will work for different games it shouldn't impact their sales too much. ;)

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