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Racing Games!

Sam P

For racing games, do you prefer the more hardcore sims or less serious arcade-styles?  

  1. 1. For racing games, do you prefer the more hardcore sims or less serious arcade-styles?

    • Simulators! I love the depth, the range of customization, the realism.
    • Arcade! Not a gearhead, so sims are a little too serious for me. Just in it for some cool crashes and a good rush from the sensation of speed.
    • Blend! Something in the middle. Plenty of choices (but nothing technical), not just pure racing (other modes of play, too) and physics that strikes a balance.

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In General, what type of racing game do you like? It's been briefly discussed here among other threads and it seems we have a healthy audience of both arcade racers and sims.


Do you prefer the realistic portrayal of racing that's achieved by games like Gran Turismo? Lots of customization / tuning, punishing physics, and much more serious.


Or are you partial to a more laid-back interpretation a la Burnout? Lots of adrenaline, forgiving, and cool crashes.


What about games like Project Gotham Racing, something that's in between? Plenty of white-knuckled racing to be had, but still involving a good measure of player friendliness. May also include side modes (which aren't really about racing), such as the Kudos (Tony Hawk style) challenges.


I recognize that there are alot of Colin McRae Rally fans on the board, and I think that one falls under the "blend" category. Lots of choice, but not overwhelmingly so. Racing that tries to mimmick real rallying, but with physics forgiving enough that most can jump in and play. That was the impression I got from play CMR2.0 on the PC.

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Simulators! I love Gran Turismo. Being rewarded for driving properly is what turns my crank. I love real tracks and cars that drive like their real-life counterparts.


I also get a charge out of Project Gotham Racing, but I just can't get into the really 'arcadey' types of racing games. Although, I did put tons of hours into Ridge Racer when I first got my PSX.


All in all, I like a racing game where the brake pedal is actually useful.

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It seems like I might have implied here (and in the past) that arcade racers aren't really about the racing, but rather about user accessibility.


However, I just want to add that it's sometimes not the case, and some arcade racers (like Burnout) capture the essence of different aspects of racing very well. Burnout does a very good job of always putting you on a knife edge. You're always struggling to find a balance between taking lots of risks (driving into on-coming traffic, getting sideways, near-misses) but staying out of a crash. It rewards aggressiveness and the ability to predict the immediate future. Thing is, it never gives you time to breathe and your guard is always on full alert.


And those are as much a part of motorsports as passing and taking the proper racing line.

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All of the above! I chose blend, but I really like either one in certain genres. I suppose I lean toward arcade, but won't shy away from simulation...for instance I'm giddy about the new physics in CMR4, I can't wait to powerslide with real 4-wheel physics instead of center-pivot.


I also would consider MotoGP to be a simulator and it's among the best racing games I've played.


I don't like the extremes, though. I find GT3 to be too clinical, and at the same time Burnout is too detached from anything real...

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-I love'em all, Sim, Arcade and everthing in between, but since I had to get off the fence I voted Arcade as I loved the SF Rush series and Burnout2.


-And for fun,... My dream would be an online Burnout racer with SF jumps and tricks topped with a good dose of Enhanced Burnout crashes (enhanced = meaning bit cleaner graphics, more polygons, more flying car parts, and as I suggested before - a slider that lets you adjust the speed at which accidents are displayed, as I felt BO2 displayed them a bit slow.) Yep, I might just have to quit my job and file for unemployment if they ever release such a game! :green:


- J , you mentioned MM3 didn't have 2 wheel driving?? You may need to graduate up from the dump trucks and fire engines, I practically live on 2 wheels in MM3. ;)

...O.K. I may be over stating it just a bit, but 2 wheels IS definately possible, so I assume you mean for extended amount of driving?.

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Like em all. I'm a fan of Gran Tourismo, SegaGT, Grand Prix, MotoGP (which can be quite simmy, or completely in between) as well as a huge fan of Daytona, Midnight Club, F-Zero, and Need For Speed.


I guess if I were to choose only one, I'd probably go for Arcade, but I'm not gonna, so I chose blend.

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