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(part II) Burnout Revenge 360 Single Man Race Tournament


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I justed asked Carlucci to host the losers with Whooter for a backup. I asked Covak to host the winners with me as a backup. See the first post for tracks and rules.


Group I - Winners



Three Eyed Crow




Group II - Losers (+Connection Problems)




fighting fish


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Sorry about that, Losers Bracket. Just as I fired up Burnout, the GF called and I had to choose between getting my ass kicked around the racetrack again, or getting laid again anytime soon...


It was not as difficult a choice as you might imagine.

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Yeah, Carlucci and I showed up, and that was it. Decided to call it a draw :)


I actaully read something on the official forums about the connection problems. Apparently, if you have a host accept connections from one person at a time, then have that person leave, everyone can reestablish connections later. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and it could have been blind luck, but there were a couple of posts saying that it helped. Either way, more burnout online would be fun!

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Covak and Keith both tried hosting, but we weren't able to get all six people.

I then tried hosting and all 6 of us were finally able to connect. It was a lot of fun last night, thanks guys!


I'm happy with my 3rd place showing, as I felt I'd gotten better since the last round. Burnout is so relentless. One simple mental lapse always seems to spiral into a number of costly errors. I slumped at around race 6th or 7th race and that's when fractured and Covak pulled away to make 2 man race for the title.


I'm looking forward hopefully having another tournament soon!

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Let's make this a regular thing. Wednesday's @ 10. I started a new thread. Just show up on Live at the meeting time. JTello, Covak, and myself will setup rooms if we're available and send invites to you all based on the number of people. Send a private voice chat request if you've been missed or forgotten during the setup process.

Weekly Revenge (Burnout) Wednesdays @ 10

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