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Sega Saturn Recommendations


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What genres are you looking for? Import titles okay with you? I'm a bit of a Saturn fan so I'll be happy to help with some suggestions once I know what you're after ;)


NiGHTS is a must buy, especially with the 3D analogue controller - you can pick up the set off eBay for /very/ reasonable prices.

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Imports are fine, I'm assuming something like the 4 in 1 cart is reasonably easy to find. The others I've added to my list are Saturn Bomberman and Guardian Heroes. For particular genres I'm looking for, I'm not sure; I know the Saturn is strong in fighters and shooters, but I'm not a particular fan of either (though I would love to find Radiant Silvergun for a reasonable price). Any particular first-party games that stand out?

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You can get the official steering wheel for a pittance on eBay, and with one of them Sega Rally and Manx TT are both well worth the couple of dollars they'll cost you. Rally is far superior to its Dreacast-based sequel thanks to better handling, and Manx TT was my favorite motorbike racer until the XBox ones came along.


Unusually, I prefer Saturn Daytona to the Dreamcast one as well, as the DC version is pretty much unplayable without a wheel.

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