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Doctor Who returns!

Mark E

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The BBC announced a couple days ago that after fourteen years off the air, the venerable longest running sci-fi series of all time will be returning to television within two years. Doctor Who is being brought back in 2005 for a six-part adventure written by Russel T Davies who penned some episodes of Queer As Folk amongst other things.


Wheeeee! I am a huge Doctor Who fan and this news is really, really freaking cool. I mean, Doctor Who is one of those series that has a huge heart but very little budget. But it's a fun show and it had some great scripts. The only other show that ever came that close for enjoyment for me was Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Ahh, I just can't wait. I doubt they'll be using the Master as the villain right off due to the telemovie, so hopefully someone new or lesser used. Ahhh, a good Dalek story would rock too.


No word on who the Doctor is yet though. Lots of people think Anthony Stewart Head could do a good job. I wouldn't mind seeing Paul McGann take another crack at it, but I wager he's aged a helluva lot in eight years.

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Is this to be a re-imagined, relaunched Doctor Who?


That could be really neat, combining the best elements of Indiana Jones (serial adventure style), Quantum Leap (wildly different settings and goals from episode to episode) and Baywatch (boobies).


Out of curiosity, would you be upset at a slick production (relative to previous offerings)?



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I'd say it will probably keep with established continuity, but that's just my theory. The reality is that Doctor Who doesn't have a helluva lot of continuity, it's mostly self-contained stories so you can pick up just about any one that isn't a regeneration story and enjoy it.


I mean, you need the phrase "Time Lord who travels in a time machine disguised as a police box" and you have Doctor Who fairly summed up. I'm just glad they're bringing back the serial style. Doctor Who cliffhangers are awesome.


would you be upset at a slick production


Oh hell no. That kind of crap is for hardcore fans ;). I mean, seriously, Doctor Who's charm is partially due to their abillity to pull the purse from the sow's ear, but damn do some of those effects really suck. It's as distracting in equal measure as it is neat, so bring on the cash :P.

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