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Action Replay or Gameshark?

Mojo Nixon

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Hey all,


'nother ex-pat from HTF. Can anyone tell me the relative benefits/problems with either of the 2 cheat systems above?


And please don't start the "cheaters suck" thing :green: . I don't have any of these yet, and I always play the game through without codes, but it having them would make replaying a little more fun.



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The Action Replay is basically the same thing as the old Gamesharks before MadCatz bought it. It'll work with old codes, has a memory card included and allows you to play import DVDs as a bonus.


A regular customer at the store I work in uses any and all cheats he can find for his games. He has both the Action replay and the newest Gameshark for PS2 and prefers the Gameshark. He's said that the action replay's codes don't always work for some reason, and the games tend to crash more when using the AR over the Gameshark. I think he likes the GS interface more as well.

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