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COOL, FUNNY, AMAZING, Work Safe video Thread

Rob B

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Hello all,

It seems that every week we here at LCVG find a video that is either funny, cool, or simply amazing in some way shape or form.


I thought it would be a good idea,after seeing Romier?s desktop thread, to have one centralized location to show these off. Maybe even a sticky at one point.


Let?s keep work safe though


If you have something that?s questionable post it in the thread:

NWS vids


For those that don't know where to get some good stuff check out:




are a couple for starters if you know of more please pm me and I will add them to the list pending a check of the site to make sure it is work safe.



ok I will start it out:


One step away from self driving


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In honour of the 24 Hours of LeMans this weekend, here's an 'incident' from the 1999 race. To this day, it's one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. A lot of you may have already seen this though.




IIRC, the driver (Mark Webber) was fine and walked away from the scene. He races in Formula 1 now.



ok, after like 5 edits, I can't get the html link to fly. Screw it.

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Local sports radio personality asking Shaq a question....



For those unaware, Corby (the guy asking the question) asks Shaq these types of questions everytime Shaq comes to Dallas. Shaq did two one on one interviews immediately after the finals one was with ESPN and the other Corby Davidson from The Ticket here in Dallas.

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