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Return of the King Trailer


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The full on high quality versions should be made available later today.


Utterly amazing stuff. The supposed new "Gondor" Theme by Shore has me salivating for the release of ROTK's music as much as the movie. So many great moments to rewatch as I saw the really low quality trailer yesterday and it literally brought a tear to my eye from excitement.


To put it in laymans terms GOOD GOD HURRY THE FUCK UP DECEMBER 17th! :shock:

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Oh it's the Gondor theme, all right, as we discussed last night. We can trace this theme all the way back to its apperances in Fellowship of the Ring. Upon repeat listenings though I remain convinced it is a sythesized demo of said theme however, indicating it was either done for this trailer, or it was one of the synth demos done for an actual cue in the film itself which is currently being recorded here in the UK as we sit here typing!


Stunning trailer, and I just can't wait for the high resolution one later today. I should have the trailer when I go to the cinema this Friday too (Disney have finally seen fit to let the UK have Finding Nemo :) ).



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Oh Bloody Hell.


Do not, I repeat Not watch this trailer, any of you lucky enough to have not got there yet.


Yes, its rather funky. Yes, it makes you want to build a machine capable of close-to-lightspeed travel just to make December get here earlier. Yes, it clears up any lingering doubts you had that this could suck in any way.




It does it by letting you see a good 5-10 frames of Shelob. Feck. I was trying so hard to (a) avoid being spoiled, and (B) to manage to get to sleep tonight.

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Do not, I repeat Not watch this trailer, any of you lucky enough to have not got there yet.


I'm going to try and heed your advice. I've always had mixed feelings about trailers for movies I'm seriously looking forward to, as not seeing anything before you enter the theater is usually more fun...but it's so hard to resist...

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Originally posted by FutureVoid@Sep 29 2003, 11:48 PM

I didn't see Shelob in the trailer that Kelley posted...did I miss her?


Download the 26mb official trailer. Shelob is at the 1:35-36 minute mark in the trailer. She appears very quickly as Graeme and Dan noted.

Still long enough to see that she looks pretty damn good. :D


God, I can't wait for this to hit the theatres.

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