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Treasure's Astro Boy

heavy liquid

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Over at GameSpy's 2003 Tokyo Game Show coverage they have a small article on the GBA Astro Boy game by Treasure.


I'm a longtime fan of Astro Boy, and couldn't be happier that it's in the capable hands of Treasure. The release date is TBD which probably means 2004, unfortunately. While I'm very excited that they're giving us a 2D beat-em-up, I hope it doesn't turn out too simplistic due to the subject matter.





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Looking forward to it! I Hope it has a good length, and some replay value too.

That's what she said.


Oh-my Adam, I missed that response, too funny :lmfao:



Edit: No jokes from the peanut gallery refering to "Oh-my Adam," I just re-read and realized the open window I gave you vultures. Man, gotta watch my typing in this place, you boys can be ruthless. ;)

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After a bit of a wait I finally got ahold of this today.


I LOVE IT! Non-stop shooter action as only treasure can do. Astro Boy features a nice dose of Gunstar Heroes with a dash of old school side scrolling shooter for good measure. I played for almost three hours so far and I'm only putting down enough to type this. Do not let this game sit on store shelves gents.

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Originally posted by FutureVoid@Sep 15 2004, 04:26 PM

You're going to really hate this game Mike. He's one of the easiest in the game. :lmfao: (Wait until you have to fight Pluto!)

Actually, I beat the boss right after I posted this. :P


Hmmm, one of the easier boss's, guess I am in trouble. Hate is strong word, it may frustrate me though ;)

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