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Pre-order Rainbow Six 3 from Ubisoft...


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On the items shipped part of the account screen, there are two items; one with the order number and one with the order number, but with a "-2" next to it. Both of them list the companion disc.


There is still a possibility that I am reading it wrong, so we will see.


Edit: They have corrected the mistake on their site and it appears that I will only be getting one copy.

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Since impressions are lacking in this thread, thoguh I would add some quick-n-dirty thoughts.


I've had the demo for around a week or so now, and despite some annoyances I keep going back and playing hte level over and over. The game plays a lot like Splinter Cell, and is equally as hard and easy all at once. Your first time through a level is a bitch, but once you memorize where everybody is at and what triggers new baddies you can cruise through. I say that but I have yet to beat the level on the hardest setting.


The annoyances? The 'bob' when you are walking is little severe, makes me a bit nauseaus sometimes; the night vision is a fairly bright green that doesn't look nearly as good as SC; the guns have an absurd amount of recoil (it may be extremely realistic, I don't know, just seems over the top to me); somewhat jerky framerate, again just like Splinter Cell only you move faster in RS3, making it much more noticable; there's a lag to aiming that's caused me to kill myself a few times. This one can be really annoying, basically if you try to aim quickly, you can't. There's a delay from moving your analog stick to the crosshair actually moving, it seems to have acceleration. Hardly moves at first, then takes off. A couple of times I tried to turn down a stairwell really quickly and fire down an incindiary grenade, only to have the crosshair take off on me - after the initial delay - causing me to hit the edge the wall in front me. Flaming Ding's, come and get 'em!


That said, I keep going back to the game and playing the same level over and over. It has that elusive 'it' that makes a game that is at first glance annoying into a winner in the long run. The promise of Live Co-op doesn't hurt, either.

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