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The Matrix Revolutions CD news

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This time round, the score gets a better (official) treatment with over an hours worth of goods on the released CD in November, with a little over 40 mins of that being score. See the link above to the official Don Davis site for full details. There really aren't any songs in the third film to speak of.



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And here is the track listing:


1.Matrix Revolutions Main Title - Don Davis

2.Trainman Cometh - Juno Reactor & Don Davis

3.Tetsujin - Juno Reactor & Don Davis

4.In My Head - Pale 3

5.Road To Sourceville - Don Davis

6.Men In Metal - Don Davis

7.Niobe's Run - Don Davis

8.Woman Can Drive - Don Davis

9.Moribund Mifune - Don Davis

10.Kidfried - Don Davis

11.Saw Bitch Workhouse - Don Davis

12.Trinity Definitely - Don Davis

13.Neodammerung - Don Davis

14.Why, Mr. Anderson - Don Davis

15.Spirit Of The Universe - Don Davis

16.Navras - Juno Reactor vs. Don Davis



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Nine entire cues on offer, plus the one song, at the Official site:



Absolutely wonderful. More sinister edge to the music than heard in the two previous scores, more excellent contributions from Juno Reactor and the choir work is simply to die for. Davis takes everything up a level for this score be it the romantic motifs, the drama, the action... 'Spirit of the Universe' marks a new level for a Matrix score alone, it's beautiful and unlike anything the previous scores have touched upon, yet so many more of the same tones and motifs established in the previous films remain and even grow here. I'm thrilled to say the least.


Without a doubt we've got one of the best scores of the year here. These nine score cues all outdo the entire Reloaded score put together, which granted takes some doing, but on a level of scale and diversity Don's turned everything up to eleven on this one. :)



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I dunno. The 'Spirit of the Universe' cue is kind of telling, not so much in its title, but certainly in its tone I felt, so you could be right. Lovely cue though.


Warner don't take AMEX, so I either have to head into London before the 5th, or just chance it and go up opn the 5th for the first showing at 2pm. Decided it is best to see it in 35mm before IMAX. The CD is out on next Monday (and next Tuesday in the US). There's no cue even on the 2 disc promo score release entitled "Trinity Dies (for real this time)" thankfully. :green:



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Well, the CD arrived this morning. Remarkably good stuff, although mastered in the "loud is gooooooooooooooddddddd!" approach it must be said, which is a pity since some of the subtleties are somewhat lost in playback, but still, it's a terrific CD and certainly the best presentation of a Matrix score (though that's not saying much). :)



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