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Preferred third-party voice chat s/w for games?

Beer Monkey

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Yeah BlackCalx we'll have to do it again. Soon!


Teamspeak is good but from what I understand Ventrilo, once you use it, you never go back to your old one. Unfortenetly, there are some issues regarding certain soundcards, my Turtle Beach Santa Cruz being one of them. So I have actually never used ventrilo....as a matter of fact, thats something you must keep in mind. If any of the different voice chats work for you - great. If not, be sure to check on their forums what the problem may be. Its usually quite easy to nail down since there are many threads/posts.


Teamspeak (http://www.teamspeak.org) seems to be a very popular chat software. Its can be a bit of a pain when registering but thats a minor inconveniance.


If you decide to try teamspeak feel free to pm me if you have any issues. :D

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