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Anybody interested in a Table Tennis or Fight Night Tournament?

fighting fish

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I was late buying Rockstar's Table Tennis so I missed out on the first tournament, and my poor copy of Fight Night has just been sitting there, gathering dust. Anybody interested in starting up a couple of tournaments?


--- edit ---


So, here is the list as it stands now:


Table Tennis Tournament:

fighting fish




Lord Darkness




TechWyse Guy



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Well, looks like we're shapin' up for some good table tennis. Looking like people have moved on from Fight Night, but we'll have to go a few rounds one of these times, boogieman187.


Whenever you see me on, send me an fight invite. I think quicksand was wanting to fight as well. I should be playing games tonight.

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If we get another person signing up to play pong... er, uh, table tennis, then we'll have an even number of players. To sweeten the pot, I’ll offer up a brand new Ferrari to the winner of the tournament!*


* - offer not valid to any participants living outside of Antarctica.

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If you don't get one more, then I'll offer to have a play-in game with Serious Crayon (if its ok with him), since we were the last two to sign up. Winner gets a spot in the tourny of 8. Plus, a tourny of 8 may be simpler to manage than a tourny of 10.

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sparkz its fine with me to have the play in game. we just need to make sure we use the same set of rules as the tourney..how many points, sets etc.. When do you want to do it? If you haven't sent me an invite please do and when I get home tonight I will accept.





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I actually read the f'ing manual last night. Apparently you can do an on-line timed tournament with up to 8 people. Its a round robin match where you play all of the other people in 5 minute matches, whoever scores the most points in 5 minutes wins the match. Is that the type of tournament were are trying to organize, or is it more like the single elimination, 8->4->2->winner style tourny? If that's the case, what rules to play by? The default: first to 11, best 2 out of 3?


I'm not really sure how easy it will be to get 8 guys online at the same time for a timed tourny, so can I suggest an 8 player single elimination with default rules? If that's good with everyone, that's what Dave and I can do for the play-in game now that Glen is out.

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