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Strat-O-Matic Football

Guest Bryan

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Originally posted by dogbert@Sep 30 2003, 10:28 AM

What's Strat-O-Matic?

Bri - I -an,


Wow. Where to begin. I have been playing Strat-O-Matic baseball since I was about 14 yrs old. It is a pencil and paper baseball game where each player on each major league baseball team is represented by a statistical card that shows their tendencies on offense and ratings on defense. The statistics come directly from the player's previous Major League Baseball season totals. Dice are rolled and results are compared with the stat cards to see the outcome of each at-bat.



It is for hardcore sports fans who love statistics.


Here is a snippet of a fan web pagethat explains the SOM rules:


Typically, each batter's roll involves all three 6-sided dice. The 20-sided die is used for secondary rolls (such as "split chances," fielding, and baserunning).


When rolling the three 6-sided dice, read the white die first, then add the two colored dice together. If the white die comes up 1, 2, or 3, refer to the appropriate column on the batter's card. If it is 4, 5, or 6, refer to the pitcher's card. The two colored dice will total 2 through 12. Cross-reference the sum of the colored dice with the appropriate line in the correct column. Example: A white 3, a colored 2, and a colored 6 would be read as 3-8 (batter's column #3, result #8). A white 4, a colored 1 and a colored 5 would be read as 4-6 (pitcher's column #4, result #6).


1.1 For the batter, use only the left side of the card when he is facing a left-handed pitcher; use only the right side of the card when he is facing a right-handed pitcher.


For the pitcher, use only the left side of the card when he is facing a left-handed batter; use only the right side of the card when he is facing a right-handed batter.


Check the upper left corner of the batter's card to determine if he hits left (L), right ® or is a switch-hitter (S). A switch-hitter must bat left-handed against right handed pitchers and right-handed against left-handed pitchers.


The hitting style of the pitcher is indicated as the last letter in his batting rating at the top of the Advanced side of his card. Example: #1WR indicates this pitcher used Pitcher's Hitting Card #1, with W power and is a right-handed hitter.


Check the top of the Advanced side of the pitcher's card to determine whether he throws right or left.







Using the players whose cards are pictured here, let's say that Tom Glavine is pitching to Juan Gonzalez. If the dice roll is a white 2 and the colored dice total 5, the result is read as 2-5 and is found on the left side (because Glavine is a left-handed pitcher) in column 2 of Gonzalez's batting card: HOMERUN. If the white die had been a 6, however, the result is read as 6-5 and we would look on the right side of Glavine's pitching card (because Gonzalez is a right-handed batter): STRIKEOUT.

<end snippet>


So, in a nutshell, there it is. Why would you want to play it in a nutshell, you may ask? :lmfao:


They also have excellent products for football, basketball and hockey in board game versions and computer games.


Well, you asked!


Bry- Y -an

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