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Battery save?


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Forgive a basic question, but when you save a game on, say, a Gameboy Advance, where exactly does the data get stored? I have heard it described as a "battery save", but does that mean if my batteries die, I lose all of my info?


As I just picked up FFT-A, and my batteries are a few months old, and I've logged about 2 hours into the game so far...this question is fast becoming quite important to me... :?

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I always thought that the battery being referred to was in the game cartridge itself, so that's where the game data was being saved. I don't know whether the batteries in the carts ever wear out, but I don't think you have to worry about losing your save data if the batteries on the GBA itself die. However, I admit I don't know for sure, so anyone, please correct me if you know differently. :D

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