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Desperately in need of help with Voodoo Vince

Adam Tyner

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Y'know the "Uninvited Guests" stage of Voodoo Vince? I absolutely cannot destroy the fifth egg. Am I missing something? I hit the candlestick on the floating piano, dart to the other floating piano, leap from one part of the broken floorboard to the other, but I am completely, wholly, entirely unable to make it to the TNT while still lit. I can get to it with a tiny fraction of a second to go, but I can never make it explode. The flame either douses out too quickly, or one of the imps punches me into the bottomless pit. I've been on this part -- trying to get this single egg -- for around 75 minutes now. I'm convinced it's impossible :D, but since presumably someone here has whizzed through it, any suggestions you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


I can get insanely close to detonating the TNT by leaping around without climbing or gliding -- that's the only way I can imagine the timing could possibly work out, but the imps are my biggest problem. I lose the flame if I use a voodoo power, and if I use one in advance, the place is teeming with them again by the time I get back.

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Okay, I'm stuck again. :D


The doll said something about freshening up, I followed the butler through the 3rd floor, and now I'm in that level with all the trees and the pseudo-vine swinging. Anyway, I've run around in circles a dozen times at least, and I've collected everything in sight. (I still have 5 voodoo bags and 10 cards to go, but I can't locate them via the All Seeing Eye.) I have no idea where I'm supposed to go. The level isn't "pushing" me in a particular direction, and there's no obvious goal. Am I supposed to go somewhere in the trolley or whatever it's called? The Carnival the doll mentioned isn't one of the options.

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