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Xbox 360 Random Power Off


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Sometimes when I'm playing my 360 it'll just shut off and the power supply light will be red. It'll stay red until I unplug the PS from the outlet for a sec, plug it back in and everything is fine. I can't seem to find a pattern; sometimes it'll be days/weeks before it happens, and other times it'll happen a couple times in one day.


I have a Nyko Intercooler; which I've since unplugged to see if the problem is with that. Whenever the power has popped I seem to recall the intercooler being plugged in. I'll continue playing without it just to see if that is indeed the issue.


I've never gotten the ring of death though; just had to re-plug the power supply and then the 'box starts up just as it should. My power supply is also well ventilated, so I don't think that's the cause either.


Anyone else experience this before? Should I be concerned about anything? I got my Xbox in April.

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I thought I had a random power down once. I was playing WoW with a buddy and using the 360 to private chat with him. After about 6 hours of not touching the 360 controller the system shut off. "Hello? Hello?" I was shocked when I looked and saw that it was off.


Turns out I had it set to do that (auto off after hours of idle time) :)

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