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Medal of Honor:Rising Sun


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I am a big fan of the Medal of Honor games. I loved the original on the PSone and felt it was one of the best games for that system. Allied Assault on the PC is another fav of mine and I still play that online.


Now that Rising Sun is going to be online for the PS2 only because of obvious reasons (EA does not do X-box Live), I might be getting this for the PS2. One downer about this is that it appears that it will only support 8 players online. For me, this is a bit unacceptable, they should of at least gone to 14 players max.


However, if the PS2 version does not support voice chat, I may pass and get it for the X-box for the 5.1 sound and the preference of using the S-controller for FPS on consoles.


Gamespot has a new preview up and it sounds like it is coming along nicely.


Here is an excerpt from the preview that I found quite interesting.


Unfortunately, Griffin's enemies are smart enough to try to escape from live grenades where possible, and they're also smart enough to take cover when they're under fire or need to reload. While the focus of Rising Sun will be fast-paced, accessible first-person shooter action, the game does model some real-world military tactics, including the Japanese "banzai" attack. Essentially, enemy soldiers that come within a certain distance of Griffin will forget about trying to shoot him and will instead come barreling toward him and attempt to skewer him with their bayonets. While you can attempt to charge headfirst into all of your encounters in Rising Sun, this desperate tactic on the part of your enemies may make you think twice about rushing into a heavily defended encampment. You may even want to brush up on your grenade-throwing and sniper skills instead.



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Originally posted by Daniel Brecher@Oct 2 2003, 08:45 AM

I'd like to see how the X-Box ones performs once out, notably in terms of its presentation (5.1..etc) and controls. Really, Pacific Assault is the next MOH game I will look to when I need my next fix of WW2 based multi-player. :) Looking forward to Pacific Assault more than I am Rising Sun.



I'm with Dan on this one. Pacific Assault looks like it's shaping up to be a real winner. I was interested in Rising Sun to some extent, but the lack of Live support kind of nixed it for me.

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