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The LCVG Battlefield 2 Clan

Anthony G

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If you have the game and are interested post here:


Want to be or in the LCVG.COM Clan


1) WetWork

2) FutureVoid

3) Lupo

4) BiGdOGGPHil

5) Fractured

6) RingWraith

7) Actinide

8) JTello

9) bug

10) AnthonyVolpe

11) Eldorado

12) fighting fish

13) Union Carbine

14) Buck



Actual registered members so far in the LCVG.COM clan:


1) Actinide

2) FracturedZero

3) JTello

4) LordDarkness

5) Quicksand

6) RingWraith

7) TheEvilEmpire

8) UnionCarbine

9) WetWork

10) fightingfish

11) footsteps

12) EldoradoSan

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To clarify, we're combining members of the two clans that currently exist to take on the masses. The two clan thing never really worked well since only a handful of folks interested in playing the game. As enjoyable as it is, 4 on 4 isn't exactly the best way to play the game.;)

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I own the game, but as many of you noticed I haven't been online much at all. Plus, I suck. :) I like the game though.


I'll keep an eye out and see when you guys are on, but if you guys are trying to get a dedicated clan going 5 nights a week it might be a problem, especially now that I have a job with an hour commute each way.

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but if you guys are trying to get a dedicated clan going 5 nights a week it might be a problem


I don't think that's going to happen with so many other games in the online rotation. Many of us have the game but we haven't been able to get too many on when it's put in the schedule. Hopefully consolidating into one clan and taking on the unwashed will bring the game back into the loop. I'll add you to the list. The more the better. :)

We are at 10 now, cool.

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I believe this was our status prior to our decision to consolidate:


There are now 8 people in the the LCVGX clan:



Buck Thrustwell



Mr. James





I'll not be sending out anymore invites at this point. Hopefully we can get 8 on your side Dave and that should even things out nicely for some 16 player matchups. If not, we may need to swap a player or two.


Hypothetically, that should leave your group as:



Bug (Lord Darkness)



Fighting Fish



Union Carbine


I'll start sending invites tonight to the former members of the LCVGX clan. Please let me know if you are not listed above and need an invite to the LCVG.COM clan.


If I remember correctly, you will need to boot up BF2:MC in order to see and accept the invite. Everyone will be given co-captain status this way anyone can ready-up the clan.

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