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Kane and Lynch: Dead Men (360 & PC)


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I’m surprised there’s no thread for this yet as it was announced towards the end of July I believe, though I’ve only just been alerted to its existence via a post at NTSC UK. It’s from Eidos/IO Interactive, the team behind the Hitman series, as users the interplay and team work between its lead characters as the key focal point of the game.


Kane is the main character that you'll take the role of when you play the single player game. Kane's formerly normal life was shattered when his son found his gun and shot himself. His wife puts the blame on him, and his life falls apart. Kane becomes a mercenary and, while in South America with a group called The 7, things go awry and everyone dies but him--or so he thinks. He escapes with a fortune in diamonds, but it isn't long before the law catches up with him and he is sentenced to death.


Lynch's background isn't so glorious. He's a working class type of guy with severe schizophrenia that requires extensive medication. One day he wakes up after a blackout and finds his wife dead. He isn't even sure he did it, but that doesn't stop a jury from sentencing him to death.


It's on a bus to death row that Kane meets Lynch, though the bus never reaches its destination. The 7 hijack the bus and kidnap Kane. Lynch is hired on by the mercs to watch Kane and make sure he gets their fortune back. A schizophrenic may seem like an odd choice to put your faith in, but we aren't dealing with ordinary mercenaries either. As further incentive to keep Kane in line, his daughter and wife have been kidnapped.


Cliche after glorious cliche. Sounds fun.




Collateral anyone?


Here’s a really interesting aspect of the game. According to a poster at NTSC-UK who has read a more extensive preview, such a loose cannon is Lynch that he will have moments of craziness at potentially the most inopportune moments and it will apparently be up to you to calm him down and because there’s a limited HUD (see below) you actually have to keep an eye on his mannerisms to spot whether he’s going to kick off in a rage or not because if he does he’s out to beat and kill anyone, even the innocent, standing in his presence.


IO Interactive tried their best to impress upon us that the story to Kane and Lynch would go hand-in-hand with the gameplay. If all goes right, they want to blur the line between playing a game and playing through a story. With this in mind, IO is trying to do away with mission screens and briefings that traditionally have introduced levels.


To further the cinematic experience, they've kept the HUD as uncluttered as possible. There isn't any sort of health meter. It would be useless anyway since you'll only be able to take about three or four hits before dying. To indicate that you're near death, the screen will begin to turn red, similar to when you die in Hitman: Blood Money, effectively warning you to take cover immediately and wait for your life to regenerate. If you do die, you'll be given a flashback movie that reveals more of Kane's background.


The upper left corner of the screen will occasionally show a picture-in-picture image that will give you information about your squad mates' condition or warn you of impending sniper fire. Other than small icons to remind you of inventory and squad conditions, the screen is empty.





Apparently you’ll be able to give orders to other AI controlled members when in a squad.



Some astute members of online forums have noticed that the story behind Kane and Lynch may have been alluded to in Hitman: Blood Money through the newspaper snippets between levels. IO confirmed to us that was indeed the case. It turns out Kane and Lynch: Dead Men has been in production for about a year and a half, allowing for ample overlap with their previous title.


Oh and…


Each level of the single player game can also be played either co-operatively or solo with the second player taking control of Lynch.


According to reports elsewhere, this extends to being both offline and online co-op as well as offering an eight player death match mode. Best to treat this as unverified for now however.



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I see a new trend here, the buddy game.

If it brings with it some really great online coop titles, I hope that trend continues.


Army of Two sounds excellent and this game is definitely on the radar for me. I love the "Collateral" (Michael Mann's film) look of the dance club scenes. It's funny, but something that has always killed my immersion in a game that has some type of dance club setting is the lack of substantial NPC's. I would love to PLAY through a scene like the one featured in Collateral. I hope this game helps realize that.:tu

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That dance club dream of mine? Fulfilled! Check this footage out:


Kane and Lynch footage (low quality)


I /LOVE/ the atmosphere of the dance club sequence. The music, the place being packed with NPC's dancing and doing thier thing. Yeah, it's something really small in the grand scheme of things but Kane and Lynch just shot up my list of games I really want to play after watching the above.Not to mention the rooftop sequence after really reminded me of Freedom Fighters (and boy that view of city!).

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, it's something really small in the grand scheme of things


Dude, it's entirely the small things that make it all worthwhile.


Hell, you could very well argue that I own a 360 and Dead Rising just because I wanted to throw packs of meat at zombies (and imagine my pleasure when I found out this was quite possible :D)

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New Screenshots:



Trailer (720p) -24mb mov-




That's a highly entertaining trailer I must say. Again, there seems to be a lot of potential here with this one.

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I played this a bit last week. I thought it was horrible but a bunch of guys around me really enjoyed it. The game reminded me too much of Hitman (a series I just don't dig). There was a nice street shootout scene reminiscent of Heat but that was the only positive I took away from the game.

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REDWOOD CITY, CA (OCT. 2, 2007) - Eidos Interactive, one of the world's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, today announced a partnership with Playboy, the premier online destination for men, and Fox Interactive Media to launch a Cyber Search for the ideal female to accompany the upcoming Eidos video game Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.


Utilizing the strengths and communities of three media giants - IGN.com, Playboy, and MySpace.com - the Cyber Search will span three major online targets, from the gaming community and the leading men's lifestyle and entertainment site to one of the world's largest social networking sites - actively involving these communities to find the perfect girl who can best evoke Kane and Lynch's dangerous vibe. Gamers can visit http://kaneandlynch.ign.com to submit and vote for their favorite candidate in the Cyber Search.




We're hunting for a dangerously sexy vixen to make us moan, so if you think you're it we dare you to prove it.



Well done, Eidos & IGN.

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Did anybody else read about the multiplayer aspect of this game in the new Game Informer magazine? Honestly it is the first thing I've seen or read about this game that makes me want to get it.


Basically, multiplayer is all about doing a heist. If your group successfully completes the heist, you all divide the loot to spend on weapons, upgrades, etc. But the thing is, you can turn on your group and try to kill them and go for all the money. Killing a traitor will give you a bonus. Once your killed you respawn once as a cop and try to kill the robbers and get a 10% reward. Leaderboards track all the money you've stolen, the traitors you've killed, etc.


Always nice to see a new type of game on XBox Live, so if enough people pick this title up I'm definitely there.

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