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How to license Music? And my new video business.


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People have been telling me to start my own business. Make baby videos. Make wedding videos. So I am testing out the waters. Some of you have already seen a few of my videos. Wish me luck.


Since my specialty is music videos, I need to figure out how to license music for those videos. The nature of the licensing is that I'd make a single copy of the music on DVD, as part of a music video, and would sell that DVD to a single customer. Is their a common license type for this? How does it work?


As an example, I went to Lonestar's web site (as well as their label Sony BMG), and could not find anything about how to license their music. And I don't know what to expect either. I am kind of scared. Is it a percentage of each sale (I'd prefer that)? A flat fee?


Any info would be helpful. I was given the number of a lawyer that does this type of stuff, but he'll charge me $300 just to say "hello" I bet.

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Hey Keith, what did you find out on this? Is it expensive as I think it's going to be?


About 15 years ago I was kinda sorta the Assistant [to the] Office Manager for a small group of employees working in our company's training center. When they set up the phones, dude showed me where you could plug in a radio to have "music on-hold" for our customers. So I did just that. Somebody ratted us out, and I got letters from ASCAAP and BMG basically saying pay us or cease-and-desist. They wanted about $1500 a year each for the privlege of playing the radio station for our customers on hold. Naturally, we just yanked the plug.




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I have gotten no response from the Sony rep I contacted who was supposed to be the precise person to talk to. It is such a PAIN IN THE ASS to do this. Obviously the publishers are most interested in getting the big bucks, so someone like me is just an annoyance I bet. And I have a hunch that all the people who doing wedding videos don't even license the music at all. So the fact that I'm trying to be honest about it and having such a hard time is frustrating.

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